Latte Art Class for Beginners

2 hours 1 to 4 (public classes), 1 to 8 (private)

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From espresso extraction to milk frothing to free pouring, this coffee roasting workshop covers the basic skills and knowledge you need to produce a good cup of coffee with latte art. Not only will you enjoy the fun of creating patterns, but you will gain a good understanding about how important latte art is for enhancing the taste of coffee. You'll learn about the difference between coffee beans and how to make a great cup of coffee.

You’ll get hands-on guided practice and create your own latte art, like heart and Rosetta patterns.

Suitable for amateur coffee lovers, baristas and future baristas.

What you'll get
Wonderful memory and coffee knowledge
Suitable for

This workshop is suitable for individuals and couples as well as for a hens party, baby shower, birthday, special occasion, team building activity, corporate event, bucks party or Christmas party.


Haven Specialty Coffee - Haven Specialty Coffee, Chalmers Street, Surry Hills NSW

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Tailored Coffee Experiences

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We came up with the concept of Haven Specialty Coffee in 2014, before we even arrived in Sydney. Originally, we wanted the focus of our coffee café to reflect our passion for specialty coffee by serving coffee only. However, since experiencing for ourselves the high demand for breakfast and brunch spots in Sydney, especially in the hipster Surry Hills area, we realised we had to think bigger and expand our menu.

Our coffee café in Surry Hills, Sydney has a unique approach for the breakfast and brunch menu, and our 20+ years living in Asia inspires it. Our familiarity and love of Asian cuisine allowed us to curate a menu that was creative and unique in its flavours but fit in with the spirit of Surry Hills. What was most important for us, though, was that the menu still held specialty coffee at its heart.

This resulted in the creation of our Asian fusion coffee café in Surry Hills, which celebrates the best of Asian cuisine blended with the essence of the trendy brunch scene in Sydney.

At Haven Specialty Coffee, we believe that good coffee starts with YOU.

We came up with our own method of coffee brewing that we have named Coffee Tailoring. This concept was developed by two of our owners - one if a former Sensory and Visual Judge of world coffee competitions, and the other is an individualist who strongly believes that the best coffee in the world is the coffee “YOU LOVE”.

Our Coffee Café offers tailored coffee, and it is about how we perfectly brew. We use quality single origin beans and expert barista skills, but the key ingredient is the customer’s unique preference. This way, every coffee is different, and to an individual, their coffee is exactly how they like it.

We believe that coffee is your Haven and we encourage you to “LOVE YOURSELF & BE YOURSELF” in everything you do, right down to the coffee you drink.

Verified reviews

• Dec 2019

An excellent tailored introduction to all round good coffee making. Suitable for all levels Great

• Nov 2019

We had a fantastic time learning everything we could about coffee. Our teacher gave an overview of coffee and really focused on the details of how to get flavour out of coffee grounds, as well as giving advice on what to spend money on what devices to invest in. He was incredibly helpful in correcting our technique for using all the machines as well as making the latte art.

• Oct 2019

This class was great! We started with a lot of really interesting information about coffee and then got to make a whole lot of coffees from making the espresso shots to the latte art. The only thing I didn't like was all the coffee that went to waste

Coffee workshop review by Laura Amos

• Sep 2019

Thank you Jenny. So friendly and patient. I can make good coffee now at my work place! Thank you so much.

• Sep 2019

Jenny very knowledgeable, super friendly and helpful. We had a great afternoon chatting and trying out different latte arts!

• Jul 2019

Jenny was easy-going, patient and meticulous in her introductory class. Learning directly from a full-time barista gave us a more practical and operational perspective on how coffee is perfected in a coffee bar. We felt like Jenny managed to cover more than we expected in 2 hours, and had a nice amount of time allocated to tamping, frothing, machine handling and latte art. Overall we are really satisfied with the session and will not hesitate to recommend this class to anyone who wants to be introduced to latte art, directly in a cafe! (p.s. Location is perfect, right beside central station)

Latte Art Class for Beginners review by Nicolle Loh Sydney

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• Jun 2019

Jenny was fabulous and very patient even after having worked a full day shift. She was very attentive and very detailed covering A-Z. They still ran the class for me even though some of other students had deferred last minute.

• Jun 2019

teacher was nice and kind, he showed us how to handle things and explained why in detail.

• Jun 2019

I had a great afternoon at Haven, and I would definitely recommend the Latte Art Course to everyone who wants to learn how to froth milk and how to create patterns with it.

• May 2019

Had an amazing time with the wife learning all things coffee with the lovely Jenny from Haven Specialty Coffee. Loved the knowledge and skills taught to us. From the reasons behind the types of cups to the intricacies of coffee beans and milk temperature. By the end of the class we were able to froth milk, pour consistently and we're even able to create a heart, an onion heart and a Rosetta latte art

Coffee workshop review by Christopher Luu Sydney
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