Stuck for Team Building Ideas in Brisbane? Why Team Cooking Classes Work

Stuck for Team Building Ideas in Brisbane? Why Team Cooking Classes Work


Team cooking classes in Brisbane are a great way to encourage team bonding and boost workplace wellbeing. With fun and relaxing cooking classes in a variety of different styles and cuisines, your office crew doesn’t have to be full of talented chefs for everyone to enjoy these fantastic Brisbane workshops. Instead, you’ll be able to choose a Brisbane team building cooking class that resonates with your unique group of food and beverage enthusiasts so that every coworker has a great time.

If you’re unsure of the kind of team cooking events that will appeal most to your office, take a look at some of the most popular categories in Brisbane. You’re sure to find the perfect team building cooking class for your one-of-a-kind employees.

team cooking class in Brisbane


Benefits of team cooking events

Before we dive into the many different cooking classes available, you might be asking yourself what the benefits are for a corporate team. As it turns out, there are plenty!

Cooking is a relaxing activity that allows us to give our thinking minds a break and focus on the present moment. With all of the wonderful smells, textures, and tastes of a cooking class, our minds fall into a mindfulness practice even when we’re not actively meditating. That can have wonderful effects on our mood, ability to connect with others, and an inner sense of peace and calm.

You’ll notice that when you enrol your team in team cooking classes, they’ll come into work the next day more refreshed and engaged. So, how can you know which team cooking classes are right for you? Take a look at some options.


Hands on team cooking classes

We’ll start with the team cooking classes that are all about building skills in the kitchen. If you’re looking for engaging, interactive team cooking events to expand your team’s culinary horizons and invite them to try new things, these Brisbane classes are sure to deliver.

One class that Brisbane corporate teams just can’t get enough of are our pizza-making classes. Pizza is one of those things that many of us wish we could make at home but are too intimidated to try. But now your team will have the chance to learn from the pizza making experts at their favourite pizza restaurants. Surfers Paradise offers a Pizza Masterclass, and you can find another Pizza Making Class at Mecca Bah. Both are hands on and designed for beginners.

You might even convince your team to try spinning their delicious pizza dough in the air just like the pros! But even without the fancy tricks, these team cooking classes are sure to bring your work group together.

Another fun alternative to pizza making classes are private group cooking classes. Whether you want to learn how to make German, Mexican, French, Japanese food or even more, you can sign up for private group cooking classes through Kitchen Confidence Cooking Studio.

Pizza making team building cooking class


Healthy team cooking classes

Healthy cooking is something all of us want to do more of. Not only is healthy eating better for us physically, but it can also improve our mental wellbeing and focus throughout the day. When you invite your team to try healthy cooking classes, you’ll have a happier, and maybe even more productive, team.

Vegan cooking classes are becoming increasingly popular as more of us look for healthy cooking alternatives, and they make for great team cooking classes for corporate teams. Raw & Peace offers a few tasty team cooking events like the Raw Vegan Cooking Class: Easy Dinner Recipes and the Raw Vegan Brunch Cooking Class. Both will encourage your corporate team to break down the myth that vegan food is anything less than absolutely delicious.


Out of the box (and into the jar) team cooking classes

Maybe your unique group of employees doesn’t get excited about a homemade pizza or a fresh veggie meal. Instead, maybe what would really get them into the kitchen would be learning about fermentation and preserves. If you’ve got a team that loves the out-of-the-ordinary, these team cooking classes are going to be perfect.

Whether you’re interested in kombucha or kimchi, kefir or homemade yoghurt, jams or marmalades, there’s a team building cooking class to explore. You might try a home preserving basics class, where you’ll learn how to transform the most delicious fruits of the season into tasty jam. Or, you can learn how to make your own kombucha in a fun kombucha making class.

No matter which fermentation class you choose, you can be sure that your team will love these interesting and unique team cooking events.


Team cooking classes that aren’t really about cooking

Let’s say you’ve got an office team that isn’t big on the whole team cooking classes idea. Maybe they’re not big at-home chefs. Maybe they’re just not keen on cooking as a way to relax.

That’s okay! There are plenty of food and beverage based team cooking events that won’t require aprons and spatulas.

Instead of looking up “team building cooking classes near me,” for instance, you might opt for fun tasting classes in Brisbane. Salt Meats Cheese offers a wonderful flaming cheese wheel and wine experience that is quickly becoming a top Brisbane to do activity. Your team will be able to bond over the best cheese and wine tasting session in Brisbane, without having to cook anything themselves. Plus, there’s dessert at the end. It really is one of those Brisbane activities that couldn’t get any better.

Mixology classes are another fun spin on the traditional team cooking events. Instead of having everyone step into the role of head chef, your team can test their skills as burgeoning bartenders and learn how to make unique signature drinks. This is an ideal after-work team building cooking class that will invite your employees to relax and enjoy some delicious beverages.

Flaming cheese wheel and wine experience


Which team cooking classes will appeal to your corporate team?

Whether you’ve got amateur chefs in your mix or team members who would rather mix a cocktail than julienne a carrot, there are fun team cooking classes for your unique group. With private group cooking classes and engaging team cooking classes all over Brisbane, you’ll easily find the right team building cooking class that will give your employees the chance to relax and have quality time with their coworkers.

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