Top Tips to Switch Off at Xmas

Top Tips to Switch Off at Xmas

By John Tabari

As we hurtle towards Christmas Day and the summer break — if you’re lucky enough to get one — everyone seems to be feeling overworked, overtired and just plain over it. There's no better time to host a fun team building experience in Sydney

In the office, end-of-year deadlines are looming. At home, the financial pressures of purchasing festive food and gifts are building. Add to that the multitude of social commitments during the silly season, as well as the imminent and often stressful gatherings with extended family members, and it’s easy to understand why we might be feeling a little more miserable than merry at the moment.

So, what can we do about it?

At ClassBento, many of the people attending our workshops say that they are taking part because it helps them to switch off, relax and recharge. Focusing your attention on a fun and creative activity, like building a terrarium or learning to cook a new recipe, is a great way to wind down at the end of a hectic day. It’s also the perfect excuse for taking some time away from your phone and computer screens — a mini digital detox, if you will.

Whether you opt for a workshop or a workout, it really is essential that you treat yourself to some ‘me time’ when you need it.

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Need some inspiration? We asked some very busy business people how they avoid burnout and what they do to switch off during the chaotic Christmas season — and their answers just might surprise you…

Being in nature helps me to re-energise, so I head out of the city and do some hiking.
— Peter Petrovski, Product Manager at The Iconic

I like to research a new recipe I've never cooked and go on an adventure to the shops to buy all the ingredients. I think it was a rack of lamb last time.
— Karim Mouahbi, Head of Marketing at Mad Paws

 “I spend time with my kids. They are very active in sports, so I take them for practice or coach them.”
— Asok Boopathy, Head of Product at BrickX

“Playing basketball with friends and colleagues. There’s nothing like a team sport to re-energise!”
— Brent Maxwell, Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

“Yoga, spending some time with my closest friends or even just going outside for a walk, a cup of coffee and some fresh air.” 
— Tyler Wilchek, Head of Customer Experience at BoozeBud

“Running in hilly areas and near water. Hills are motivating, they become a metaphor for the struggles I’m currently facing and beating them generates energy. I listen to rap and deep house music while I’m at it.”
— Niklas Olsson, Co-Founder of Premonition

 "I like to do yoga and, in the summer months, surfing and swimming in the ocean. On the weekends I also enjoy a short afternoon nap when I can fit it in!"
— Laurence Olsen, Partner at Ernst & Young

“I would like to go for a swim (we have a pool around the corner), but in reality, I usually go for a walk around the block.”
— Mirco Mattevi, Product Manager at Afterpay

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