Why do a Barista Course in Sydney?

Why do a Barista Course in Sydney?

Why do a Barista Course in Sydney?

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about signing up to Barista courses for a while, or maybe this is the first time you’ve considered it. Either way, there are so many great reasons to learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee. People choose to take these courses with professional intentions or for recreational reasons. Here, we’ll talk about the benefits of taking a coffee class and what you will learn if you do.


So why take a barista course?


Save Money

Not only are these courses affordable, but having this skill will help you to save money in the long run. Barista courses range in price from $100 - $300. You will pay around $120 if you take an introductory class and then a little more if you decided to take an advanced class. Plus, most places offer discounts or deals, so you may even be able to pay less than the standard price.


The cost of a standard course is equal to around 24 lattes! 


So by brewing your own coffee at home, you’ll make back the money that you invested in no time.


Barista Skills

With a Barista course, you will gain indispensable skills which can help get you ahead in the job market. It can be a great way to break into the industry if you don’t have any prior experience. You could work as a Barista in an independent coffee shop or even a larger chain, as the latter are always recruiting. It may not seem like a competitive industry, but job postings often specify that they're looking for Baristas with latte art experience. Whether you have Barista experience or not, training with professionals will give you a competitive edge. You may even land a job at the end of the course if it’s offered by an established coffee shop.


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A Barista  course will also arm you with knowledge you need to open your own coffee shop later down the line. You will learn more than just how to brew coffee. Knowing about the origins of the coffee, how it's farmed and the best quality tastes, will help you establish yourself as an industry expert. Not only that, but some courses will dive into the practical details of having your own shop.



How many times have you had to leave home early to get a coffee before work? Or had to wait in an endless line for your latte? Or even had to get to your favourite coffee shop when you would have rather stayed in your pyjamas? Well, take a Barista class and you won’t have to deal with any of that again.

It's also useful for entertaining guests. You can always invite your friends over to your place to grab a coffee if yours rivals the local cafe. Plus, you can invest in the fancy machine that you’ve had your eye on, since you now know to use it. Practice makes perfect, so you might as well improve your new skills with a good machine and good company.


What to Expect When Taking a Barista Course

Most Barista courses are offered by coffee roasters who also own coffee shops. You know that you will be in good hands if the coffee shop sources and roast their own beans. That way, you will get an in-depth look at the process from plant to cup. It's important to find a course that covers these topics. Look for classes that teach you about the source of the coffee, farming methods and how it's transported. Prioritise coffee roasters who work with fair trade initiatives and invest back in the community.

You can be confident that you’re in good hands. The teachers of these courses have been in the industry for years and are passionate about all things coffee.

The depth of learning will depend on the course you take. Topics can range from how to make drinks to actually roasting the coffee. Standard courses go over the basics of making espresso, including how to care for the machine and how to froth milk. An advanced course will teach you how to perfect your milk frothing techniques to create latte art. For anything more complex than this, you would need to seek out a specific course for your needs.


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Topics you’ll cover can also be dependent on the length of the course. You wouldn’t expect to learn the entire history of coffee in a three-hour class. But courses that take place over several days will cover most aspects of the coffee making industry.

Whether you will be alone or in a group depends on the institute. Some courses are offered as a one on one training, where you spend your time with an experienced Barista. Other courses are more like schools, with several workstations available and thus cater to a group of people.


Bonus: you’ll get lots of freebies such as bags of coffee :)



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