World Dance and Sufi Movement Workshop

Discover the secret of Sufi Mysticism and connect with your heart and soul at this Sydney experience

3 x 105 mins Class size 5 to 50

label $38 - $97 ($38 per Workshop, $97 per Oct 26, Nov 2 and 9 Workshops. $350 per class surcharge applies for private classes)

Welcome states of peace, bliss, connectedness, calm, silence, and joy.
This workshop helps you to connect with yourself and others and discover simple movements that build your path to love and enlightenment.
This experience starts with Sufi movements inspired by the late Sufi Master Adnan Sarhan. The movements are seated on the floor or if you prefer a chair and offer a combination of slow yoga-like movements to the music from Adnan Sarhan and other Sufi musicians from Pakistan, India, and the Middle East.
We incorporate exercises inspired by Body Mind Centering and Qigong that enable you to feel your heart and connect to yourself and build a sense of yourself and your soul, your softer side, and your subtle energy.
For the second part of the workshop, we move together with world music, Middle Eastern dance, Serbian dance, Afro-samba, Circle dances of the world, and Improvised dance and connect you with your natural energy and your natural peak state.
There is no whirling in this class as this is for beginners. However, pointers for whirling will be given to those wishing to explore.
Angela has been dancing with world dances on 5 continents for 30 years and in this workshop, you can experience the gift of each culture and how to connect to spirit through your heart and the different cultural dances which offer us different ways to celebrate who we are as humans and to celebrate the gift of life.
Many people take substances to achieve peak states. However, the various mystical and cultural practices use breath, movement and music, devotion or "bhakti" and meditation to induce this state naturally and ultimately achieve enlightened states and collectively great love and raising of our consciousness as a community.
Today in our world, we see a rapid increase in stress, confusion about our purpose, and a dis-ease with modern life. This class is an antidote to this lack of joy and purpose by allowing you to feel your inner connection to your personal soul and divine and feel its natural state of love so that you embody this state fully.
You are given the taste of your natural state where you are able to experience love, connectedness, and oneness with all life.
No dance experience is necessary and suitable for beginners.
For ages 16 and up.
Younger children from 12-15 are encouraged to join with an adult.
Come experience the joy of Sufi movement and World Dance!
Knowledge required
None, perfect for beginners.
What to bring
  • Wear comfortable loose clothing with layers so you will be warm. (Change rooms on-site if needed.)
  • Bring a yoga mat or something to sit on. (Chairs are available if preferred.)
  • Please bring water to drink.
The Authentic Living Centre is on Level 2 and if the door on Oxford St is closed you will need to be buzz on the intercom to open the door. The second level can be accessed by stairs.
Session repeats

This class series runs over 3 consecutive sessions, at the same time every week.

Suitable for

Suitable for adults, and kids (minimum 12 years old).

An adult must accompany any attending kids, and must pay for a separate ticket.


The Authentic Living Center - The Authentic Living Centre, Darlinghurst NSW

This venue is within walking distance from Museum Station station (600m).

Your teacher can also travel within 10 kms of Darlinghurst, to a venue of your choice for a private class

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Angela Ambrosia
Angela Ambrosia

25+ years in dance, movement and healing

4.9 (8)

I share with students young and old from 4 to 100 years how to enjoy your body by feeling into the body with music, deeper listening, understanding of dance and the anatomy of the body. I teach how to be confident in your body through understanding your relationship to space, music, rhythm and your intent. If you are looking for healing old habits, lack of confidence, social awkwardness and finding out how to master your body intuitively, I give you very easy quick body awareness skills that allow you to tap into your inner knowing and shift easily out of old habits. I teach belly dance for beginners, body confidence and awareness through movement and meditation and healing with the energy body.

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