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We all know an introvert. Someone a bit shy, a bit reserved. Someone who just loves to discover and recharge by themselves. We also may find it hard to get gifts for them. After all, they've probably already got a drawer full of book vouchers (and books). And of course, being a bit quiet, some of them may not be keen on sharing what they'd actually like for their birthday/anniversary/Valentines/etc.

So give them something different, but still something that they'd love. I (the writer) am a massive introvert myself, and I can tell you that I love structured social activities - basically experiences where I (and others I'm with) have a plan to adhere to. First 10 minutes: Prepare the soil. Next 10 minutes: Pick your shrubs. And so on until I complete a beautiful terrarium. This gives me something to focus on, while also being a very easy catalyst for conversation and humour - it sure beats spur-of-the-moment small talk (which many introverts absolutely dread), while still allowing them to mingle and socialise in a small group (which many introverts do enjoy, just under the right circumstances). It's a nice break from being glued to books and electronic devices. And it's of course excellent to get to meet new people.

Many of our workshops are actually taught one on one, or can be booked privately, meaning that if your introvert really just wants to be alone with the teacher, that's definitely an option too.

So treat your favourite (or second favourite) introvert to a gift hat they'll love. Give them a Classbento experience.

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ClassBento offers gift vouchers that are just perfect for last minute gifting. We'll deliver your gift cards via email immediately, and you can also get a nice physical card in the mail, delivered within 1-3 business days.

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