How to Throw a Crafty Winter Soiree in Sydney

How to Throw a Crafty Winter Soiree in Sydney

By Sam Bowden

Everyone loves a cozy night in – and Sydney has plenty of rainy day activities and craft ideas for adults that are perfect for that old winter soirée. Don’t really know what that means? Keep reading...

Soirée traditionally means “a fancy evening affair” but over time it’s been distilled to simply refer to a fun get-together in the evening, enjoyed by good friends. But fancy. Enjoying a winter soiree can take many forms, and we can help you design an incredible evening, complete with soirée-based indoor activities and fun things to do in Sydney that can ensure your guests have a wonderful time. And a fancy time, at that. 

Soirée starters

Regardless of the fun indoor activities you have planned, organising some tasty treats is a great way to start your soirée. Or, even better, shake up some starter cocktails! It can’t be a soiree without a few good drinks, and ClassBento has a variety of virtual cocktail making classes to get your fun soiree party started. With everything required to shake up a storm, you can cater to your guests or get everyone mixing! One way or another, starting the indoor activities with a few drinks is a fantastic way to loosen everyone up and get them relaxing into the party vibe. 

Although a soiree can survive on good drinks and conversation alone, there are so many fun things to do in Sydney that you’d be selling yourself short if you left it at that. But it’s certainly a great place to start. 

Adding a few nibbles can be a great addition, as keeping your guests fed and watered is the responsibility of any good soiree host. If you felt like going a step further, discover how to make traditional Italian pizza from scratch! Although Salts Meats Cheese runs an incredible pizza-making workshop that’s perfect for small groups, it can be a bit of a soiree staller. 

Although learning how to make pizza dough together can be one of the best things to do at home with friends, it can be a tad restrictive to the overall relaxed atmosphere of a winter soiree. But never hesitate to pre-game and discover the Italian secrets before the guests arrive. That way, when it comes time to feed the soiree, you’ll be able to pull out pizzas worthy of a traditional Italian pizzeria.

Fun indoor activities for a small soiree

If your winter soiree is just a small gathering of close-knit friends, then selecting craft ideas for adults can be a little easier. Being able to achieve a mass consensus on your soiree activities can be an easy way to decide the theme of your evening get-together. 

With so many unique experiences Sydney has to offer, taking advantage of some of ClassBento’s best indoor activities are a great way to create a memorable evening. For instance, candle making is one of the most creative things to do when you’re bored, and it makes for a simple and enjoyable experience that’ll put the finishing touches on any soiree. 

Maker’s Loft in Cammeray don’t just have one of the most comprehensive creative hubs in Sydney, but they also offer some of the best virtual workshops, and classes that can come to you! With social distancing laws slowly lifting, our in-person workshops have started to resume and Maker’s Loft offers one of the best soy candle making workshops in Sydney! 

If you’re chasing fun things to do this weekend for your soiree, DIY candle making can come directly to you. With an experienced candle connoisseur showing you and your group the ropes, you’ll never have to worry about the exorbitant price of boutique candles again. Candle making is one of the best things to do at home for your soiree as although it’s creative and rewarding, it’s not overly complicated. 

You and your guests will be given a rundown on how to mix scents and oils, the benefits of soy wax, and how to make candles long after the class is finished. Washing it all down with a cocktail in hand; you’ve got yourself one hell of a soiree. 

Sydney experiences for a bigger soirée

Remember how earlier there was mention of cocktails? Excuse us while we recycle this idea, as it takes many forms…

Cocktail making is one of the best things to do in Sydney, period. We’re blessed to have some of the best mixologists in the world, and adding them to your soiree is a fantastic way to get all the guests active. The cocktail masters at Kurbaz offer cocktail classes at a location of your choice, and can really add some fresh zest to your party. 

If you’re hunting down some truly quirky indoor activities for up to thirty soiree goers, ClassBento has one of the best party activities in the country. 

Although not perfect for every type of soiree, our Turkish Mosaic Class can really transform your gathering into a work of art, itself. In this class, you’ll learn about the heritage of Turkish mosaic building, and at the end, every soiree participant will walk away with their very own, hand-crafted mosaic candle holder or upgraded mosaic lamp. Plus, each workshop brings a selection of sweets, nibbles and Turkish treats, so you don’t even have to worry about the catering! This is not ideal for every style of the soiree, but if it sounds right, it’ll transform your get-together into a truly memorable and illuminating soiree Sydney experience.

However you choose to soiree, remember to keep your guests watered and fed while you indulge in a host of fun indoor activities that Sydney has to offer you. 


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