Try Out a Photography Class in Sydney

Try Out a Photography Class in Sydney

Try Out a Photography Class in Sydney

Everyone these days has the opportunity to be a great photographer. Whether you have a Smartphone, or a digital camera, or hey, even a Polaroid, you can capture great shots of all of the events in your life.

The key, of course, to great photography is to take lessons. You might have a natural talent (or not! we’re not judging!), but that doesn’t mean a whole lot if you don’t know how to harness your skills and use the technology to your advantage.

We can’t think of a better place to hone those skills than in this photographic city of Sydney. And luckily, ClassBento offers a variety of photography classes in Sydney so that you can get great at all types of photography - night, abstract, landscape, whatever! If you’re stumped on where to start, check out some of these popular workshops:

•       Smartphone Photography Class with Alfonso Calero

This walking-tour photography lesson covers the beautiful area of The Rocks. Over the course of three hours, you’ll capture all the hits, like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbour Bridge, all on your Smartphone.

Alfonso will teach you how to set up for a good shot and also how to use the tools on your Smartphone to create a work of art. About 40% of the class is dedicated to editing, so you’ll walk away with a rounded understanding of Smartphone photography.

Alfonso has 20 years of experience photographing everything from politicians to food to landscapes. He is mutli-lingual and can teach the course in Spanish, Japanese, Tagalog, and of course English.

•       Day and Night Photography Course with Alfonso Calero

photography class

This class also takes place at The Rocks, but with a digital camera in mind. You’ll be guided through the process of capturing different streets, buildings, and abstract images. This class is twice as long as the Smartphone Photography Class, so there’s plenty of time for you to get personal feedback from Alonso.

For this class, you’ll need a fully-charged digital camera, the camera manual, and a tripod.

And, if you want a course dedicated solely to night photography, Alfonso also offers a 2 and a half hour Night Photography Short Course. It’s offered once a week, but we highly recommend that you try it out during Vivid Festival in May if you're looking to sharpen your photographers eye. 

•       Beginning Photography Workshop with Glenn Lockitch

This two-hour course is designed for anyone with a DSLR or Mirrorless camera who wants to go beyond the auto settings. The workshop is one-on-one, and Glenn is willing to travel to your own home or any location where you’d like to take pictures. That kind of flexibility is great for your creativity!

Glenn has 25 years of experience with photography and photojournalism, and has been teaching for 8 years.

•       Shooting in Manual Mode with Bjanca Letinic

Like Glenn’s workshop, this course is one-on-one style for those interested in learning how to put their DSLR in manual mode. The difference, though, is that you’ll be with Bjanca for three 3 hour and 20 minute sessions. In the first, you’ll cover theory. The second session includes a practical excursion. And the third is a review and photo share for feedback.

At the end of the course, you’ll be confident in seeing the world through your DSLR as well as editing and presenting your work.

Bjanca has experience both as a photographer and a fashion designer. She’s been honing her skills for 10 years, and loves making photography fun and easy for her students.

       Photography with Naiomi Restelli

This is one of the more economic photography classes on the list, but it’s just as packed with great information and instruction. Naiomi will meet with you for two 1 and a half hour sessions to walk you through using your DSLR in manual. There are a few things that set her apart - one, she offers the class in Spanish. Also, you have the option to blend the photography lesson with a Photoshop class. Since photographers spend so much of their time in editing, it is truly an advantage to have instruction in Photoshop.

Naiomi is a designer, traveler, and photographer. She’s made Sydney home for the past two years, and loves spending her time teaching photography.

Clearly, if you want to get better at photography this year, ClassBento is a good place to start. You can find a full list of our photography classes, here. On each class page, you can contact the instructor directly with any questions. You can also see their personal work to get a feel for the type of photography you’ll dive into together!

Happy learning!

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