Yoshiko Takeuchi, cooking teacher

Yoshiko Takeuchi
Cooking with Yoshiko

Cooking with Yoshiko

Passionate chef, and author of 2 Japanese health-food cookbooks

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I am a passionate and experienced chef, and have turned this passion into creating vegan and vegetarian recipes with a Japanese twist, which will help you stay young, beautiful and healthy. Take control of your relationship with food and learn to love healthy recipes! I want all my students to be glowing with confidence, energy, and healthy beauty. Just give it a try!

I've worked with world famous chefs like Tetsuya Wakuda (Tetsuya's restaurant) and was a professional chef for over 10 years, and have been teaching cooking for more than 20 years. My mission is to promote a healthy and enriching lifestyle for all my students. I would love to share my passion and knowledge with you.


Japanese Cooking Class for Beginners

4.8 (74)

date_range Runs regularly

location_on Mosman

1 to 24

label $149 - $169

Matcha Lovers High Tea Cooking Class

4.9 (15)

date_range Sat 5 Oct, 10am

location_on Mosman

1 to 24

label $149 - $169

Superfood Sushi Cooking Class

5.0 (19)

date_range Sun 8 Dec, 10am

location_on Mosman

1 to 24

label $149 - $169

Superfood Ramen Cooking Class

4.8 (30)

date_range 11 Aug, 7 Dec

location_on Mosman

1 to 24

label $149 - $169

Superfood Gyoza Cooking Class

4.7 (16)

date_range Sat 10 Aug, 10am

location_on Mosman

1 to 24

label $149 - $169

Healthy Gut with Japanese Superfoods Class

5.0 (2)

date_range Sat 24 Aug, 10am

location_on Mosman

1 to 24

label $149 - $169

Japanese Basics Cooking Class: Intensive

4.9 (23)

date_range Sun 10 Nov, 9:30am

location_on Mosman

1 to 24

label $298

Power of Miso Making and Beyond Cooking Class

5.0 (1)

date_range Sun 25 Aug, 10am

location_on Mosman

1 to 24

label $149 - $169

Japanese Ramen and Gyoza Cooking Course - Intensive

5.0 (2)

date_range Sat 10 Aug, 10am

location_on Mosman

1 to 15

label $298

Japanese Cooking Class: Beginner and Matcha

5.0 (1)

date_range Sat 5 Oct, 10am

location_on Mosman

1 to 12

label $298

Japanese Ramen and Sushi Cooking Course - Weekend Intensive

5.0 (1)

date_range Sat 7 Dec, 10am

location_on Mosman

1 to 15

label $298

Japanese Fermentation Class (Intensive)

date_range Sat 24 Aug, 10am

location_on Mosman

1 to 15

label $298

Japanese Cooking Class (Intermediate)

4.9 (14)

date_range Sun 8 Sep, 10am

location_on Mosman

1 to 24

label $149 - $169

Japanese Cooking Class: Superfoods as Medicine

4.9 (17)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Mosman

10 to 24

label $149

Team Building Event - Japanese Cooking Class

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Mosman

10 to 24

label $149

Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki Cooking Class for Team Building

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Mosman

10 to 24

label $149

Intensive Japanese Cooking Class for Weight Loss

4.5 (4)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Mosman

10 to 24

label $298

Gut Healing Japanese Cooking Course - Intensive

4.5 (2)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Mosman

10 to 15

label $298

Japanese Cooking Class (Advanced)

date_range Your choice of time

location_on Sydney

10 to 24

label $149

Mastering Matcha 101

date_range Contact for details



local_shipping Craft kit delivered

1 to 20

label $69 - $114

Learn About Japanese Superfoods

date_range Your choice of time



10 to 15

label Free



Steven Ly May 2024

Yoshiko’s class was highly educational, an enjoyable and entertaining experience! The food was delicious and we found Yoshiko to be an extremely amazing, genuinely informative and savage but hilarious teacher! Hahahaha! Highly recommended! Arigatou gozaimasu! Steven & Thanh.

Cooking class review by Steven Ly - Sydney

Margie Bowen-Jones Apr 2024

Yoshiko was a wonderful teacher with a great sense of humour which added to the enjoyment of our cooking lesson. Her enthusiasm and knowledge for Japanese Healthy ingredients gave us an appreciation of 'really good' Soya and Miso Ramen.
All the food we prepared was delicious and now it's very difficult for me to buy already prepared Ramen Noodle soups

Sue Hartman Apr 2024

I did the course because I wanted other ideas for plant base cooking. It makes such a difference going to a class rather than just following a recipe. You learn little tips which are very useful. Yoshiko has a great personality and really enjoyed her class.

Rosemary Grant Apr 2024

Yoshiko and her team were fabulous teachers and it was a fun class. I learnt a few great recipes which I’m sure will be on the menu for … perhaps even ever! Thanks to all

Rhordon Balthazaar Apr 2024

We were gifted this class and we were so glad to have chosen this one! Our teacher was engaging and really helpful, we’ve come away with a lot of practical tips and recipes despite not being previously confident in the kitchen, and we really enjoyed the social element of the class too.

Jacob Hatze Mar 2024

I loved the knowledge base and the small facts about the kogi culture and nutritional information.
Also Yoshika was hilarious

Gwendoline Chaikin Mar 2024

Excellent informative class. Yoshiko is such an entertaining teacher and shared a wealth of information from her extensive experience in the food industry. I would highly recommend this class.

Wendy Denise Berryman Mar 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Yoshiko and her Team provide a wonderful, informative and interactive Japanese cooking class. Materials are provided, the whole class in included, techniques are explained. Venue is great and at the end you sit down to a wonderful Japanese meal. I would recommend this experience.

Victoria Angel Mar 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

An informative and fun class. Yoshiko is full of energy and skill. The food turned out delicious!

Tracey Wakeford Mar 2024

Yoshiko is amazing, she teaches with a great sense of humour and shares her years of knowledge with each class. It was fabulous to sit down at the end and eat what we made in class, the food was delicious! I absolutely loved the class today and can’t wait to try all the recipes at home. Thank you, Yoshiko for a great class.

Wendy Mou Mar 2024

Enjoyed this cooking class thoroughly. I learnt so much about ingredients and got lots of informative tips. It also wasn’t just a boring class, Yoshiko was fun and fabulous. This class was in Cremorne part of Mosman. Getting here by public transport was very efficient and hassle free. The venue is very close to public transport stops. Also you always get to meet lovely people in these settings.

Helen West Mar 2024

A great class, Yoshiko was a brilliant and fun teacher, who keep the class moving along quickly. The food was amazing, I can't wait to try these recipes at home!

Lou Belle Barrett Mar 2024

My good friend and I did this together and just loved everything about this course. So enjoyable and informative. Lots of practical tips and great nutritional information. Highly recommend this course to anyone interested in starting their journey of Japanese cooking.

Cooking class review by Lou Belle Barrett - Sydney

Matthew Donnet Mar 2024

My partner and I had such a good time during this cooking class. Very interactive, plenty of laughs and the ramen, oh the ramen! Some of the best ramen I have tried and I have tried alot of ramen.
Thank you for making the experience so much fun.

Cooking class review by Matthew Donnet - Sydney

Thomas Webber Mar 2024

Fun and engaging class! My partner and I really enjoyed it. Plenty of great sushi making tips and tricks learned.

Izzah Tariq Awan Feb 2024

Absolutely loveedddd this class! Yoshiko made it so entertaining and made this class funny and exciting!
She taught us a lot about matcha that previously I was unaware of. The food was really good and Thai class was highly interactive. Not only but she was accommodating to any requirements we had (removing mirin from soba).
Genuinely enjoyed this class and would highly recommend :)

Matcha Lovers High Tea Cooking Class review by Izzah Tariq Awan - Sydney

Nadine Darryn Wijaya Feb 2024

Yoshiko was a very fun teacher! She made sure that everyone had a chance at participating in every step of the cooking. We learnt lots of stuff about matcha and its preparation. If there is a more advanced matcha class, we would definitely sign up for it! Thank you for the amazing class

Matcha Lovers High Tea Cooking Class review by Nadine Darryn Wijaya - Sydney

Joyee Lee Feb 2024

Yoshiko was great and very engaging. The venue was small but cozy. We ended up learning lots about how to cook but also the ingredients and some background of Japanese food. It was more of a demonstration than everyone gets to cook their own meals. Overall I had a great time and would recommend for beginners looking to start somewhere. Thanks yoshiko and team

Hilary de Joux Feb 2024

Friendly energetic host, a demonstration and talk about Japanese cooking, some opportunities for some of the group to participate.

Sue Hartman Feb 2024

I found Yoshiko fun and entertaining coupled with incredible knowledge of the products we were using in our cooking course. We made recipes that easily translated to a meal that we could make at home. I can highly recommend this course.

Victoria Angel Feb 2024

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Very informative and fun cooking class. Yoshiko knows her stuff and made the lesson very easy to participate in.

Martin Kudelas Feb 2024

Really enjoyed the class. Learned a lot about Japanese ingredients and cooking techniques. It was great fun.
Thank you

Cooking class review by Martin Kudelas - Sydney

Murray Hawkins Feb 2024

A fast and fun class! All notes are provided and top quality ingredients used.
Shows you how easy it is to bring new elements to you weekly dinner prep.
Attended with my wife and we both loved it.
Team that run is fantastic.

Kasia Fijalek Feb 2024

Oh what a cooking class!
Matcha Lovers High Tea Cooking Class with Yoshiko was so much fun! We all got to make something and got very much involved in cooking/prep process. Yoshiko was so funny while very informative. I’ve learned things I didn’t expect to learn which was really good. The group was lovely and the end result was delicious. We have learned to make so many interesting dishes.
I loved that at the end we all got to sit down and taste everything.
Thank you Yoshiko and the team!
Can’t wait to do another class

Amy Leard Feb 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended

We had an incredible experience at this matcha cooking class! Yoshiko was so knowledgable and we came away with tons of learnings about different types of matcha, cooking with matcha, and all of matcha’s amazing health benefits. The class was highly engaging and hands-on, and Yoshiko provided plenty of instruction and feedback which we loved. Highly recommend for any matcha lovers!

Lara Scott Feb 2024

My daughter and I just did Yoshiko’s gut health cooking class. Yoshiko was great and hopefully we will be able to incorporate some more of these Japanese super foods into our cooking to eat more healthily. Many thanks Yoshiko!

Joanna Goh Feb 2024

A fun bonding experience for my cousin and I with our passion for matcha Teacher Yoshiko was fun, lively, well educated about matcha and good explanations during the lesson. Venue was good intimate size and excellent quality ingredients . We learnt a savoury soba dish and a few matcha based desserts including fudge, matcha popcorn, jelly type Azuki bean dessert, mock tail, mochi balls-
All delicious

I loved how fun Yoshiko is and her frankness

Deb Dibley Jan 2024

Well worth the class. Excellent ideas and short cuts for a delicious Japanese feast. Yoshiko was a great teacher!

Prema Balakrishnan Jan 2024

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Wonderful…thoroughly enjoyed & learned a lot. Yoshiko an Excellent teacher. Sumptuous meal with lots of tips to recreate at home.

Benjamin Law Jan 2024

Loved learning the fundamentals from Yoshiko, as well the insider advice on which brands to buy/avoid when purchasing Japanese supplies. Was surprised and impressed by how much we all learned together in such a short amount of time.

David Dawes Jan 2024

Great day being amused/educated by Yoshiko. The class was hands on and very informative and resulted in a delicious lunch of a range of dishes simple to replicate at home.
Yoshiko’s knowledge of the nutritional benefits of the ingredients was broad and fascinating.
Fun and excellent value for moneyI’ll be back!

Shannon Grover Dec 2023

Teacher was very informative and passionate about cooking. I had a good afternoon and would recommend.

Nadia Fronteddu Dec 2023

Great way to learn some of the basic japanese food! The class was very fun and interactive, I learn a lot while laughing!

Cooking class review by Nadia Fronteddu - Sydney

Tina Tihonovich Dec 2023

Absolutely amazing class.
We have had a lot of f fun! The class was so interesting, educational and inspiring. Yoshiko is a great teacher . Will continue education with her by taking more classes

Michelle Parlan Dec 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Class was fun and hands-on for everyone during tempura cooking. It helped me get over my fear of oil splatters haha. We ate everything we cooked. Dessert was really good too!

Yoshiko san was very lively and shared a lot of tips for choosing good ingredients and cooking to keep the nutrients. Will be back for more cooking classes in the future!

Quinn Ritchie Dec 2023

Yoshiko had such a great energy and made the class a lot of fun. The venue was kind of cramped because the class was overbooked for some reason but they made it work. We all got to help out with preparing and plating up the meal. Yoshiko shared a tonne of tips and knowledge about Japanese cooking. The only negative is that there were so much content it was hard to keep up and I'm sure I've forgotten a lot of what was shared

Simon Debnam Dec 2023

Great host, very engaging class. The cooking session was informative, fun and hands on. The food was great, we had an amazing time.

Andrew Stewart Nov 2023

Loved the content, energy, healthy ingredients and end results. Will certainly return again. Thank you.

Carol Appleby Aug 2023

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the Basics Intensive Japanese Cooking class. Yoshiko explained every step and we all got plenty of opportunities to cook under her guidance. The support staff were very friendly and generous with their assistance. I would recommend this class if you want to get excited and confident to try more Japanese cooking at home. Carol Appleby

Hansen Yap Jul 2023

It's definitely a nice class if you had no experience before with dumplings and gyozas.

Kelly Nield Jul 2023

We loved our cooking experience. We made two types of ramen plus a salad and dessert. Yoshiko was energetic and funny. She provided lots of tips around the nutrients in all the ingredients we used. The class was informative and the food was delicious.

Jess Goh Jul 2023

I really enjoyed Yoshiko's communication style and her passion for alkaline way of eating. Her assistants were very friendly and supportive in how I need to cook. I really had a fun time with the participants and the crew. The meal was super delicious and very happy that it's plant based as I'm vegan. I'm definitely coming back again for another cooking class to dive deeper into Japanese healthy way of cooking

Superfood Gyoza Cooking Class review by Jess Goh - Sydney

Vladimir Gligorovski Jul 2023

67 ClassBento workshops attended • 47 reviews

The class was really alive and a lot to do also the teachers were good at what they were doing I had a great time

Penny Prott Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Everything was excellent especially the teacher. Helpers were great all good supplied. We’re very fresh & lots of it. So much fun was excellent very yummy.

Superfood Ramen Cooking Class review by Penny Prott - Sydney

Katherine Moore Jul 2023

Teacher was so cool Funny and knowledgeable. Had so much fun and now so full of great food xx

Superfood Ramen Cooking Class review by Katherine Moore - Sydney

Petra Mueller Jul 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I love these classes! Yoshiko teaches really well and she makes the class really fun.
Food is delicious this has been my second class with her.

Tina Christine Jul 2023

Great! Teacher was entertaining and educational! Time just flew! Well organised program and value for money!

Anne Pitchers Jul 2023

Amazing class. Well paced. Appreciated Yoshiko sharing her knowledge on the best ingredients. Lots of interaction with the group. Beautiful food.

Julie Wong Jun 2023

A bit expensive. I picked up a couple of good ideas about what food to use. I would have liked to cook myself instead on a group basis. The soup did not have enough time to develop proper flavour

Amanda Krivograd Jun 2023

Wow, so much valuable information was passed on by an experienced educator!
Thank you Yoshiko these foods will now become a standard part of my diet.
I thought the class ran very smoothly with the help of Yoshiko’s tireless assistants.

Cooking class review by Amanda Krivograd - Sydney

Viv (Mum) Jun 2023

Really great class.
Very tasty and educational re learning about the medicinal food.

Might need to get pots with rubber handles/or mittens (my tea towel caught a light from the flame under the pot). Also duck tape to tape any cords to the ground (prevent people from tripping over)

Mathilda Lock Jun 2023

Learnt a lot from this class and developed my knowledge of Japanese health and cooking. Great chefs!

Dawdy Brown Jun 2023

Oiva makes the class fun and packs a lot into the 2 1/2 hours. You learn about the ingredients and best natural products to use. They are also available to buy along with her excellent vegan recipe book at the end of the lesson. It was hands on and great for a beginner like me to learn some of the basic techniques. Thanks Oiva

Marie Mir May 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Booked in for the Japanese intensive course (beginner/intermediate together). It is a busy morning, but the health advice and explanation of Japanese food, condiments and how to cook them correctly was priceless. Yoshiko makes the class fun and keeps everyone busy with preparing the dishes. The recipes with additional measurements for bigger servings was awesome (family of 6) and will be well used. The class does not cook each dish one by one individually, you start by preparing and chopping all the ingredients for all recipes. We then cook all the bits and prepare each individual dish. It all comes together served as a beautiful bento box with yummy healthy miso soup and side of tempura. We made everything we ate and it was healthy and delicious. It was amazing how much we made! Yoshiko is a wealth of information about how best to cook ingredients whilst keeping the best health attributes and not lose precious vitamins and minerals. The class is engaging, fun and hands on and best of all you learn heaps! Can’t wait to go back for more.

Michelle Campbell May 2023

Fantastic teacher. Very knowledgeable and entertaining. Good venue and location. Very delicious food. Lots of hands on experience.

Cooking class review by Michelle Campbell - Sydney

John Botella Apr 2023

Yoshiko made this experience a blast! Learnt too much to remember, but the basics prompted a terrific start to my favourite Japanese food, great Food and Fantastic people.

Rosemary Anderson Apr 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

I loved this class. However, I think the venue was not ideal. It was dark ( and very atmospheric but it was not always possible to see what Yoshiko was doing. Also there were so many things going on that I could not process everything.It may have been easier if things were prepped so that we could concentrate on the so many valuable and interesting things Yoshiko was saying and doing.This is not to be lazy but I think this would work out better. Yoshiko is really experienced and it shows.

Victor Wang Mar 2023

- interesting session, lots of laughs
- hands on and involved
- delicious
- mental math was required to adjust some of the recipes on the fly

Thomas Zagami Mar 2023

My parents did this course today and love it. Would recommend to others, thank you

Ollie Hartcher Mar 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Great venue and great atmosphere of working together to learn resulted in a tasty lunch.

Gina Pavlovic Mar 2023

Wonderful morning spent cooking and learning with Yoshiko. It was very enlighting to learn so much about types of food

Jemma Maddick Mar 2023

Very enjoyable and great food. Learnt some of the key Japanese recipes. Class was a good size

Neil Timson Feb 2023

The staff were great, the information was great

The venue was too small

Unlike every other cooking class I’ve done, we were not able to cook everything. The dish(es) we’re done by the chef by demonstration OR split between different people meaning each person/group did not have the experience of cooking or being involved in the cooking process. I walked away with only being involved in a very small part

Consider at a minimum allowing each table to prepare/cook ALL parts of the dish

Patrick Ward Feb 2023

Yoshiko is very energetic and welcoming, the recipes were delicious, it was an excellent afternoon out.

Iwona Erickson Feb 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

This class was a present for my husband's birthday because we're all lovers of Japanese cuisine. When I purchased it I thought it was going to be a more hands-on experience where you actually learn how to prepare each dish yourself, turns out most of the class was a demonstration. My husband enjoyed learning about new spices used in the Japanese kitchen and consuming all the prepared delicacies.

Rishika Pai Feb 2023

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Great class with Yoshiko - she has great energy and is hilarious! Delicious plant-based ingredients - will definitely be making sushi at home after this fun class!

Linda Mosey Feb 2023

I really enjoyed this class. Yoshiko made it lots of fun. It was a Christmas gift from a very generous friend for my daughter and I. I was shocked though when I realised how expensive it was.

Cooking class review by Linda Mosey - Sydney

Violet Roumeliotis Feb 2023

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

High energy class and lots of fun! Learnt so much and keen to try ramen cooking at home for my family and friends!

Cooking class review by Violet Roumeliotis - Sydney

Peter Bresser Feb 2023

Thanks for great experience really enjoythe day as aa BB. Gg. Hh. Hh. Uh. Hj

Elizabeth Pronger Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Yoshiko was a fantastic teacher and full of enthusiasm. We had a great time, and the food was delicious too. Can’t wait to try the recipes out at home!

Emma Watts Jan 2023

We really enjoyed the experience and Yoshiko was very personable and knowledgeable. We liked the fact you could buy some of the ingredients at the end of the class and that we were provided with lots of tips for buying the ingredients at stores.

Yue Wong Jan 2023

13 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Very lively and easy to follow receipts. Would like to join again. Thank you very much.

Oliver Watts Jan 2023

Great fun and tasty. Would recommend to friends. Very educational day of cooking and eating.

Petra Mueller Jan 2023

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The cooking class was excellent!
Very easy to follow and comprehensive. Yoshiko is super professional and very funny!
We learnt heaps about the best ingredients and how to prepare the food.
Will def be making at home!

Mark Hartshorn Dec 2022

I had a great time at the Matcha Lovers cooking class last Saturday. Yoshiko is such an entertaining host with a wicked sense of humour, making the whole cooking experience really fun. I’ve never enjoyed being scolded about my poor cooking skills so much! Yoshiko’s extensive knowledge about quality ingredients is very impressive, and I appreciate her sharing her anecdotes and experiences with the class when we sat down to eat. I feel like I learnt a lot about nutrition in general in addition to the benefits of integrating matcha into my diet. I highly recommend joining one of Yoshiko’s classes and look forward to my next session with her team.

Jane Cleverley Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Loved it, fast paced, extraordinary teacher, light hearted, learnt a lot. Bought alotxxx thank youxxx

Michelle Papa Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Yushiko was wonderful and knowledgeable . She made learning easy and enjoyable. The food created was amazing

Cooking class review by Michelle Papa - Sydney

Dorina Horvath Dec 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class. Delicious, healthy, japanese food and a fun, entertaining teacher! Highly recommend both the matcha and the beginner class :)

Cooking class review by Dorina Horvath - Sydney

Fergus Marshall Nov 2022

Busy and informative from start to finish

Plenty to eat

Was very pleased that the course wasn’t a marketing exercise

Roxana Heriseanu Oct 2022

The teacher was great, the food quality was amazing, the taste amazing too. We learned a lot and will come back for more!

Cooking class review by Roxana Heriseanu - Sydney

Jacqueline Yates Oct 2022

A very fun and engaging class. I love getting the insights into what people in Japan do at home.

Ciaran Magee Oct 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Yoshiko was a wonderful and energetic teacher and cook, and the food we made was delicious. The kitchen felt a little cluttered, but never to the point where we were crowded.

Airi Mueller Sep 2022

Teacher was fun. I enjoyed the class. The food was good. Especially Amazake was so good

Cooking class review by Airi Mueller - Sydney

Geoff Pulis Sep 2022

Yoshiko is an amazing teacher and always a lot of fun A great way to learn! We learnt a lot about Japanese superfoods and how to prepare them correctly and how to make a complete and balanced healthier ramen meal. Definitely something that I will incorporate into my diet and lifestyle from now on! Thankyou again Yoshiko for everything that you do.

Catherine Adams Aug 2022

Great introduction to some key basics of Japanese cooking. The lesson was very informative, and covered a lot in a very short period of time. Lovely, experienced and knowledgeable teacher who made sure we were all involved, got hands on experience and had fun too. All equipment and food provided and we enjoyed eating all the beautiful dishes that we'd prepared at the end. Highly recommended.

Natalija Berjanovic Aug 2022

I wanted to do this class for a long time and loved that it’s finally available in my neighbourhood. Yosiko made class real fun and I learned not just how to cook few Japanese dishes but also how to buy proper ingredients. What we cooked was really taste and look forward to learning some more in another class

Cooking class review by Natalija Berjanovic - Sydney

Yuen-Wei Chew Aug 2022

Great beginners class covering some delicious dishes which we were able to eat at the end of the class.

Monique Stone Aug 2022

It was so much fun. I went to learn the basics about the ingredients and cooking and was very impressed.

Naota Suzuki Aug 2022

Yoshiko-san is very good at teaching. She knows how to attract attentions for 2 hours. She’s a great instructor!

Andtew Elston Aug 2022

Yoshiko was awesome, personality, presentation and passion were incredible. We learnt so much on techniques, choosing best ingredients it was - we were so glad we went.

Cathy Brennan Aug 2022

Fast paced, informative, passionate teacher. Kept us engaged and involved the whole time. We learnt a lot.

Oawi Ferstat Aug 2022

5 ClassBento workshops attended

The teacher is very affirmative and knowledgeable. The class was fun. However, it will be better if all the ingredients have already been prepared and measured then this way it will save time and mistakes.

Nikki Zanuttini Aug 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

A wonderful class and opportunity to learn about all aspects of cooking for all experience levels! I'm all but new to the kitchen, but it was a wonderful chance to build ideas on confidence, buying ingredients, pairing nutrition and flavour and trying recipes of different levels of time and skill (I actually made the matcha coconut fudge yesterday and it was extremely quick and easy to do and I've never cooked anything outside of pasta and bacon!) The recipes are all vegan, but it doesn't deter from flavour or enjoyment for fellow non-vegans, and there's thorough explanations of ingredients and method that were wonderful to hear (I sadly used cows milk in my matcha, completely unaware that calcium nullifies most of the nutritional benefits :') Thank you so much Yoshiko

Jannine Brookes Aug 2022

9 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

A great cooking class that was also very entertaining! Really enjoyed the hands on component and tasting the fruits of our labour!

Jacqui Matthews Jul 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The cooking class was very enjoyable. This was enhanced by Yoshiko’s ability to connect and involve everyone in the class. Although the venue was probably a little too small, the experience was fantastic, food delicious and Yoshiko’s little cooking tips/cheats will be noted forever.

Siobhan O'Malley Jul 2022

Had a wonderful time in our beginner class. Absolutely loved Yoshiko’s teaching style and learning so much about Japanese food and ingredients. We learnt so much and the food was delicious!

Patricia Walters Jul 2022

Teacher excellent. Venue a bit cramped. Good variety of dishes but too much for me to eat! Thanks for all the tips.

Marc Harry Jul 2022

21 ClassBento workshops attended • 20 reviews

Venue perfect, teacher marvellous great time had. I learnt so much. Fully enjoyed myself and met some lovely people sharing a fantastic day.

Japanese Basics Cooking Class: Intensive review by Marc Harry - Sydney

Nicole Moon Jul 2022

We really enjoyed learning about how to get the most nutrients and flavour from traditional Japanese food and Yoshiko’s fun and energetic style of teaching made it a great experience.

Madeleine Marks May 2022

The teacher her was energetic and really knowledgeable! Loved learning about the health benefits too!

Dana Silang May 2022

Yoshiko was a very engaging and enthusiastic teacher! Class participated well and responded well to the teacher.

Yasmin Marolia May 2022

I thought the class was good and the food tasted nice. I was surprised for the price that we used spaghetti noodles but overall a fun afternoon

Danielle Scott May 2022

The teacher was engaging and entertaining. The assistants were both lovely and helpful. The afternoon was so much fun, I learned so much and ate too much can't wait to cook my ramen at hone.

Julie Pritchard May 2022

We loved the class with Yoshiko specially since my daughter who doesn’t like kale loved it! Highly recommend for those looking to learn the art of Japanese dumpling making in a light and relaxed environment. Yoshiko is knowledgeable and funny , she clearly has a passion for healthy cooking and passing on her skills to others. Would go back and do the other classes with her.

Bella Zito May 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

ラマンはとてもセクシ— でした

Today was excellent!
Yoshiko is very entertaining!
Thank you so much!
Bring a plastic container for your left overs!

Joy Lum May 2022

It was a fabulous session with Yoshiko and we had so much fun in a private class setting. She was fun, knowledgeable, precise and detail in conducting the cooking class with an efficient assistance.

I have gained much knowledge on Japanese cooking, method and the basic ingredients. Most satisfying of all, was that all our food are vegan, healthy and organic!

Cooking class review by Joy Lum - Sydney

Aniela Gokiert Apr 2022

Fun quirky teacher and small class. Tasty Japanese dishes that were easy to make together!

Ai Lee Apr 2022

Yoshiko is a great teacher allowing us to roll up our sleeves and get our hands into it! Learned lots about Matcha and enjoyed all the great recipes!

Olivia Allanson Apr 2022

I went with my friends, it was really fun, would reccomend! The cook was entertaining and the food was great :)

Cooking class review by Olivia Allanson - Sydney

Mim Stacey Apr 2022

Yoshiko was so fun. I really enjoyed taking this class. It was delicious and I will definitely make these at home.

Jean-Baptiste Lanfrey Apr 2022

Very enthusiastic and entertaining while teaching basic skills that can easily be re-applied at home.
Great time spent with Yoshiko and her team.

Sophie Kim Apr 2022

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

I could not make the class however my friends went instead. They both enjoyed the class and said the instructor was fun and witty

Cooking class review by Sophie Kim - Sydney

Laila Farenden Apr 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Superb class, very informative! Interactive with hands on matcha experience, Thank you very much Yoshiko!

Jennifer Mulveny Apr 2022

Fantastic would definitely take another class. Entertaining and informative. Yoshiko is humorous which makes it fun!

Bernadette Huang Mar 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

This class was a great activity! We learnt a lot and got to enjoy some beautiful food - a fantastic experience for any matcha lover!

Bella Epshteyn Mar 2022

I loved the class. Looking forward to making gyozas at home.
Yoshiko is very knowledgeable & energetic.
Definitely would recommend to my friends.

Danielle Scott Mar 2022

The teacher were amazing as were all the participants. The entire day was just fun filled with amazing food. Can't wait for the next class

Julieta Simpson Feb 2022

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Yoshiko makes the class very engaging and fun. I got there with zero knowledge about how to cook a Japanese dish and finished the class with the necessary knowledge to make four different dishes! The venue is perfect for the class. I would absolutely recommend this class!

Vickie Kucka Feb 2022

Class was very good. Class helpers were very caring and helpful. Good thing our class was only half full. I would not have enjoyed it with 20 + people in attendance, in these times.

John Kam Feb 2022

What was the teacher like?
Abusive, haha. No, seriously, she was entertaining.

How was the venue?
Not bad.

If materials were provided, did you like them?
I will print them out.

Was the class good value for money?
Not bad.

What did you do / learn?
Good quality vegan food.

Min King Feb 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The course was very fun and enjoyable! The food tasted amazing and delicious! Thank you Yoshiko and the team

Jennifer Jamieson Jan 2022

The class was fun and informative, the teacher was fun. I didn't realise that we were doing only plant-based sushi but enjoyed the food that we made. I recommend this class if you are interested in healthy eating.

Evangeline Lloyd Jan 2022

This is a group class and you are split into different groups that make each dish, so you don’t make everything. I would have loved for the class to be a bit more hands on as throughout the class, there is quite a bit of time where you are watching/waiting for others to cook. I think this class is best suited to absolute beginners in cooking ramen. However, the food was tasty and I love the takeaway notes. Thank you

Yasmin Newton Jan 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Really good class that gives a decent, basic understanding of a quick ramen process and ingredients.
Afternoon class was very ‘hands-on’ and a lot of fun.

Brianna Etwell Jan 2022

Great class, lots of variety and plenty to eat at the end. Yoshiko was a great teacher - very funny and entertaining

Maggie Price Jan 2022

Yoshiko is lots of fun and the class is fairly hands on with each table cooking one of the recipes and then we all got to share/eat the end result which was delicious. She shares some good tips about Japanese cooking and also healthy cooking ingredients. Well worth it and wonderful that it’s all vegan!

Superfood Ramen Cooking Class review by Maggie Price - Sydney

Allen Huang Jan 2022

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Super funny instructor and great food eaten at the end! Totally worth every dollar spent

Anne Conduit Dec 2021

I did enjoy the class but felt as the only member joining after lunch I could have been welcomed
I was a few minutes late in a terrible storm on a rainy afternoon when they had canceled the Manly ferry

Emily Sudradjat Dec 2021

Class was great value for money - good balance of theory and practical aspects. Yoshiko was engaging and was a very fun experience. Highly recommend to everyone, as the smaller class allowed for more focus on the students. Great that it was suitable for vegetarians, and still tasty for the non-vegetarians.

Haley McCarthy Dec 2021

I completed the Japanese superfoods Gyoza and Sushi Intensive class. It was excellent.
Chef Yoshiko was so knowledgeable and instructs in an easy to learn manner, you can see her passion for the craft and sharing it with others.
Even as a chef myself I learnt a lot and really enjoyed the class, everything we made was delicious and you felt healthy consuming it.
The Matcha served with the meals was spectacular, easily the best Matcha I’ve ever consumed.
I love that Yoshiko sells the products utilised in the lesson, naturally I bought the Matcha to make at home.
Easy to follow recipes that I’ll enjoy making at home and at work.
100% worth booking a class and I would definitely return to attend other classes.

Japanese Favourites Cooking Class: Gyoza and Sushi review by Haley McCarthy - Sydney

Alexandra Lee Nov 2021

6 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

Toshiko is enthusiastic and has a quirky sense of humour! Useful recipes that I'm confident will be gut cleansing when I put them to practice. Thanks!

Julia Laverty Nov 2021

Teacher was lovely! Very knowledgeable about gut health and Japanese medicinal foods Venue great. A lot to eat. Would be handy to have all recipes as hand outs while cooking (rather than emailed after class) as difficult to remember

Cindy Hayes May 2021

Loved this class so much! Yoshiko is so engaging and the food was absolutely yummy and so healthy as well. I’m booking another class right away Thank you Yoshiko

Barbara Quinlan May 2021

The Japanese Superfoods as Medicine hands-on cooking class was a superb, excellent experience. Absolutely chaotic and abuzz with Yoshiko bustling around keeping us on track, yelling out the 'darling's and the 'bloody' this or thats. All came together remarkably with so many delightful dishes. And more: The teacher claimed she learnt English in restaurant kitchens - hence the language. However, her organisation skills with different tables being nominated to prepare various dishes, individuals co-opted for individual tasks, swaps made when necessary to have ingredients ready on time (I julienned Daikon for the ginger soup and squeezed out soaked shiitaki mushrooms - juice for the soup, mushrooms sliced by others for the cauliflower rice). Cooking was done by teams as well as plenary sessions where we all watched. She also had a team of assistants, not for teaching, but for such as carrying foods to various teams or carrying out Bento boxes, food dishes, sliced cauli leaves or Nori sheets that were taken over by tables for sprinkling over dishes. So many, many dishes, with many as small as a 2-3 shot glass! Yoshiko kept a sharp eye on everything and everyone - very impressive. The tastes were wonderful.

Julie Trell May 2021

Very fun cooking class. Yoshiko is funny and knows her stuff. The food was delicious and we learned a lot and I can’t wait to start cooking like that at home. I definitely felt like her food is delicious medicine. It was a lot of unique food and worth the price Bring some friends.

Cooking class review by Julie Trell - Sydney

Stephanie Sandor May 2021

Fantastic healthy and easy recipes. A fun and casual class. I will incorporate these recipes for sure

Kim Wilson May 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Awesome afternoon with fun and engaging teacher. Learnt so much and enjoyed tasty healthy food.

Stella Stellar May 2021

Yoshiko never ceases to amaze me with her Japanese superfood recipes!
Only a few ingredients are needed to create delectable Japanese cuisines.
Her cooking classes are always hands-on & her recipes are easy to replicate at home.

Joe Modica May 2021

YoshikoTeacher very good & great education on finer ways of Japanese cooking definitely do it again.
Thank you

Nathan Lawler Apr 2021

Was a wonderful Japanese cooking class with Yoshiko. Yoshiko and her team were fabulous and effortless.
We made gyoza and Ramen throughout 2 different courses during the day.
Would definitely book a course with Yoshiko again in the future.

Lucinda Thompson Apr 2021

We had such a fun time at the ramen cooking class, Yoshiko was a great instructor and super knowledgeable, and the other teaching assistants were also lovely and helpful. Plus the food was incredible! Definitely recommend this class if you're interested in Japanese food and cooking methods, we had a fantastic experience.

Stewart Raper Apr 2021

Great experience, the food was delicious and easy to follow recipes. Yoshiko did a great job of keeping the atmosphere livery and engaging

Gabrielle Pelletier Mar 2021

Great class, I learned so many wonderful tips and techniques. Yoshiko is a font of knowledge.

Vanessa King Mar 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Loved it. Keeping up with Yoshiko is a major feat but worth every minute. The beautiful meal at the end of a well orchestrated learning experience was a pleasure.

Mia Ferreira Mar 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Yoshiko was and accomplished conductor in a precisely and efficiently orchestrated operation where nothing was missing or overlooked and everything run smoothly, with utensils and ingredients appearing magically in front of you when they were needed and disappearing once they were no longer needed! All the ingredients were of high quality, usually organic and had to satisfy Yoshiko's high standards. We prepared a number of dishes, ate them at the end and learned about their health properties and what to look for when buying ingredients. It was intense, but always engaging and interesting.

Cherie Parkes Mar 2021

Yoshito was an excellent teacher with a great sense of humour. She obviously knew Japanese cuisine exceptionally well and I loved the tips regarding healthy choices
I cook regularly so didn’t find the course challenging
It was however very enjoyable and enjoyed the food we made
Would probably like to do another class

Angus Roxburgh Mar 2021

3 ClassBento workshops attended

This was a great class lots of fun and entertainment. Yoshiko is an excellent teacher . we are looking to book our next one

Lloyd Griffiths Feb 2021

great experience. teacher made the cooking class a lot of fun with her bubbly personality

Eddie Slattery Feb 2021

Was a great treat to do as a couple, we love Japanese food and was a fun experience, Yoshiko was a great fun teacher. Highly recommend will be booking more classes.

Cooking class review by Eddie Slattery - Sydney

Mia Ferreira Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

All measures were in place for an absolutely Covid safe, very well organised and smooth running two hour session packed with information, demonstration and preparation of six very tasty dishes which we got to savour at the end. The recipes for each dish will allow us to practice at home. A good introductory course to Japanese cooking.

Misa Huynh Feb 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I love everything about this class. There is so much to learn as we are only beginners in Japanese cooking and Yoshiko is very knowledgeable. The food tastes amazing too Will come back again for Ramen class

Tvisa Sood Jan 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The class is a group cooking class ie. you don't do every aspect of the cooking yourself, instead the work is divided among the group and everyone gets to be involved. The class is informative, helpful and yummy! Have since made the recipe at home and it turned out exactly as the class.

Jonathan Papworth Jan 2021

Yoshiko was engaging, and did so well to involve everyone. Had a great time!

Maybe clearly define what tables/teams cook which gyoza at the start to help with the flow of the class, but genuinely everything went fantastic

Luke Burlet Jan 2021

overall , great. very minor comment is that the making of soup was a bit too brief. but we can get from recipe supplied.

Karina Jones Dec 2020

Yoshiko was fantastic! Funny, informative and engaging. Highly recommend this class to anyone that wants to lean to make sushi.

John Mitchell Dec 2020

Overall a great experience and I learnt a lot so thank you very much , this will help my provide my family with more options for eating .

Hannah Edwards Dec 2020

Was fantastic Yoshiko is amazing! And delicious sushi
Highly recommend, amazing to have a plant based class but even non vegetarians will really enjoy this.

Adele Querol Nov 2020

I highly recommend this Japanese Cooking Class (beginner)! The class breaks down some really useful basics - like how to cook rice properly, and how to make your own teriyaki sauce :) Yoshiko is a great instructor, creating a relaxed environment for learning as well as making cooking fun! If you're sitting on the fence about giving something like this a try, I am here to tell you - go for it! You won't have any regrets.

Peta Walton Nov 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Yoshiko is the most energetic teacher I’ve ever had! Time flew and I learned lots from her expertise. She really puts you at ease so even though I was initially embarrassed to be involved, I got in there and had heaps of fun!

Rose Lin Oct 2020

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 4 reviews

I learnt a lot about Inari Tofu, Tariyaki Tofu and Tempura. I like them and would practice them at home.

Minca Mellen Oct 2020

I really enjoyed the class, it was the first time I had done any Japanese cooking and I found that the instructions were clear and the class was well structured and easy to do. The food was delicious and the instructor provided many helpful tips and tricks for how to cook everything properly and authentically. The class also provided insight into more traditional Japanese ingredients and what to avoid in stores when cooking Japanese food at home. I would definitely recommend this class especially to those who enjoy cooking but don’t have experience in cooking Japanese cuisine or just want something new to try out when cooking at home.

James Ford Oct 2020

Yoshiko was a great teacher, along with showing us great meals, she provided very valuable advice on how to recreate the meals at home as well as giving us interesting history on Japanese cooking. Would recommend to all.

Natasha Kahn Oct 2020

Excellent class. Yoshika was very knowledgeable and very funny. I learnt a lot today.
Looking forward to trying another class. Food was delicious!

Sartaj Sandhu Oct 2020

Excellent teacher. Had a great sense of humour and kept us all entertained. In addition, she was very informative and descriptive in the health benefits of the ingredients we used- which I definitely found useful. I would definitely recommend doing this class if you love healthy Japanese food.

Isabelle Adam Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Thanks again for a great journey to healthy Japanese cuisine Looking forward to another class next year

Megan Casey Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Highly enjoyed the food selected and the vibrant energy of the teacher ! Great class and would recommended

Caitlin Lawrence Sep 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Yoshiko was incredibly entertaining and knowledgeable. She taught us interesting techniques and tips about cooking sushi rice and making the sushi rolls. Really loved the food and enjoyed it immensely. I thoroughly recommend this to anyone and everyone!

Audrey Bertin Sep 2020

Yoshiko is so funny, passionate (and bossy!), I had a great time! Loved that it was hands on as well, did another cooking class which was more of a watching-type class, this is not! Thanks, will be back!

Natalie Osborne Sep 2020

The teacher was well organised and interactive. Very hands on and every step explained. I will definitely be attending another class in the future.

Jie Cong Sep 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

The venue is good, spacious and safe for keeping social distance. Yoshiko is a great teacher and chef. Many information about health ingredients and cooking methods. Lovely atmosphere. Hands on experience. I feel I have learned. Now I can make sushi like a professional cook. Thank you!

Colin Thatcher Sep 2020

Probably better to have a few less participants to allow more personal instruction. Needed more time for questions.
Unfortunately not all of the ingredients were available for sale.
I loved Yoshiko’s high energy.

Helen Wright Sep 2020

Teacher was very interactive, made everyone involved participate which was great.
Provide excellent handy tips.

Superfood Gyoza Cooking Class review by Helen Wright - Sydney

Sally Ross Sep 2020

Great food and great fun. Yoshiko was lively and funny and taught us a lot about new foods. We will definitely make gyoza at home.

Jenna Joannou Mar 2020

The teacher was very knowledgeable, her manner was fun and engaging. I definitely learned a lot of new information about sushi, but most importantly I learned some practical skills which only can be learned in person.

Wendy Dreyfus Mar 2020

Fun informative class. Engaging teacher. Good class participation. Everything needed supplied. Good notes. Yummy meal !

Abigail Goldberg Mar 2020

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Yoshiko was FABULOUS, the venue was light and bright and we loved what we learned! Everything was delightful and delicious.

Amber Ma Mar 2020

Teacher is great. Learned a lot.
One criticism would be that there's a little bit too much information in a short amount of time, which makes it hard to remember everything.

Libby Ellis Mar 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Thank you Yoshiko. This was a fun class and it was great to learn a couple of really good foundations. Just knowing how to do rice via absorption method was great! The second foundation I took away was dashi stock. And lastly, I learned that boiling certain things ruins them and this is where I have been going wrong with miso soup! The food was delicious. Yoshiko was fun. I think this class could benefit from 30 minutes more. Sometimes the information came so quickly, that I missed it which is a shame.

Christine Al-Thifairy Feb 2020

This class was my birthday gift. It was the best gift. Vegan cooking is the best.

Amy Lowry Feb 2020

What a Fun energetic teacher ! My daughter and I attended as a gift for her 11th birthday and it was great fun . We learnt a lot and then enjoyed a delicious lunch !

Cooking class review by Amy Lowry - Sydney

Karen Black Feb 2020

What a fun way to spend what turned out to be a very wet and stormy Sunday afternoon!
Yoshiko kept it lively and interesting with her vibrant personality.
Resulting meal was both delicious and nutritious!

Raul Caceres Feb 2020

Loved what we cooked. Teacher was entertaining. Ingredients were great. I will cook what I learned

Cooking class review by Raul Caceres - Sydney

Colin Sakoff Feb 2020

The class was amazing Yoshiko was the greatest teacher we could have had, she was talented, knowledgable, and no one could have replaced her enthusiasm Making ramen was a great experience, especially knowing all the superfoods we can add to these simple recipe. These ramen were very repeatable at home, without having to go too far to get the ingredients. It was the utmost pleasure to do this class! ありがとございます ☺

Melissa Francisco Feb 2020

Great value for money and super informative! Yoshiko was very engaging, and taught us a lot about the health and benefits of all the ingredients we used which was super insightful. All the food tasted amazing and left the class very satisfied. Can’t wait to recreate these recipes at home! Thanks Yoshiko!

Cooking class review by Melissa Francisco - Sydney

Marnie Foster Feb 2020

Fantastic food, fun teacher and something I can definitely do at home myself. Highly recommended.

Superfood Ramen Cooking Class review by Marnie Foster - Sydney

Steve Wylde Jan 2020

I really enjoyed the class! Yoshiko was funny and explained everything well. The food we made was great too!

Penny Prott Jan 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher full of life and energy. Had a lot of fun and learnt so much , in the Goyza class .Doing Natural weight loss Superfoods class next Sunday .I would LOVE to add a photo,as I am not computer friendly I have NO idea how to do that .LOL. Penny.X

Jack Dixon Jan 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great enthusiasm, good content, tough at times to keep pace, but good results in the end!

Hannah Carrick Dec 2019

Yoshiko was the best teacher! We learnt so much and will definitely be coming back for more lessons.

Jackie Galleghan Dec 2019

I took my 8 year old Niece for her birthday , we both loved it. I learnt so much about healthy sushi making. Yoshiko is great so talented and fun too. Can't wait to make sushi and do another class. Yay

Tina Dec 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I enjoyed the class very much. It was a lot of fun ! Yoshiko is a great teacher-such a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and about hpassionate about healthy eating. Gonna take all her classes !

Daphne Mahfuz Nov 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Loved doing this class! Great teacher, very engaging and hands on. Would definitely recommend for those interested in learning more about Japanese cuisine :)

Rita Pang Nov 2019

Yoshiko the teacher really knows her food and her matcha. She gave us a good overview of the background of matcha. The whole cooking process was pretty fun, and we learnt what was important when it comes to using matcha to cook. We made soba in matcha dashi soup, matcha blancmange with adzuki beans, matcha mochi, matcha coconut fudge, and a Yuzu matcha mocktail. We finished every bit of the food that we made from scratch - very yummy! Environment was clean and pleasant, though I wished we could have a cooking station each so we could be more hands-on. Overall though, we absolutely had a lot of fun and would recommend it to people!

Tina Nov 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

I really enjoyed the class ! Yoshiko is a great teacher , very passionate about healthy cooking.

Anna Kounis Oct 2019

Informative and Fun class. Inspiring selection of simple and healthy recipes to make at home. Thank you Yoshiko!

Jayron So Oct 2019

Impressive cooking class! Yoshiko was an involved and enthusiastic teacher. The ramen and dessert that we had was delicious.

Claire Slailati Sep 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Amazing Yoshiko was an awesome teacher, very funny and great at what she does. Super professional and did really well at captivating and teaching the class. We got so much out of what we paid including the use of the cooking utensils and of course the sushi which tasted amazing and was super easy to do! Would recommend! My husband and I loved it

Superfood Sushi Cooking Class review by Claire Slailati - Sydney

Alexandre Guterres Sep 2019

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Yoshiko is a great teacher, turning the class enjoyable while being instructive and interesting. Highly recommend!

Japanese Basics Cooking Class: Intensive review by Alexandre Guterres - Sydney

Gwen Richetti Sep 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Fantastic class. Engaging, entertaining and easy to follow. What a great day and learning experience!

Monique Perusco Sep 2019

This is a great class. I really enjoyed it. Loved that it was healthy. Thanks

Sayuri Shenoy Sep 2019

Enjoyed the class, the teacher was pretty experienced and shared lot of insights into every ingredient. The venue was very convenient and easily accessible. Very good quality organic ingredients were used for the class. It was a very good learning experience. Please provide extra paper and pens to make notes while conducting the sessions

Nadia Court Aug 2019

Yoshiko's enthusiasm for good food and cooking is infectious. I really enjoyed the class and will be using the techniques and recipes at home.

Kathryn Oldcastle Aug 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Yoshiko was amazing, and the class was hands on and practical. I will be making a number of dishes I learnt at home! I will be enrolling in more Japanese cooking classes with Yoshiko.

Belinda Wulf Aug 2019

Great class! Very interactive. Yoshiko has great energy and very engaging. Delicious, easy to make recipes. Would definitely recommend

Japanese Cooking Class: Superfoods as Medicine review by Belinda Wulf - Sydney

Emma Hobday Aug 2019

My husband and I really enjoyed this class, Yoshiko is very knowledgeable and has a great energy about her. The food was delicious and healthy and I feel like I am equiped to make these dishes at home!

Yen Lam Jul 2019

All the staff and teacher was very helpful to assist, they made the day enjoyable for the kids. Even though they were reluctant to come because of their age but after coming my daughter loved it. My son just wanted to eat the sushi because he was hungry.

There was helpful hints that we didn't realise, for example the teacher said there is the rough side and smooth side of the Nori and which side is best to place the rice and the smoother side is for presentation.

The venue was big enough but hard to find parking.

The materials provide was not sufficient for 2 kids as I had to keeping asking for more rice and sesame.

The adult should be able to participate more and at the same time with the children for the price we paid for.

Overall 4 star for the course

Super Kids Sushi Making Class review by Yen Lam - Sydney

Norman Long Jul 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Yoshiko is a very enthusiastic teacher who is very good at imparting her knowledge and
getting the members of the class to work together while making sure that all participants had a hand in producing the result.
The class was valuable in helping de-mystify the making of miso.
The resulting lunch wa "oishii katta desu"

Jason Canning Jul 2019

Friendly staff that encouraged the children to participate and get there hands dirty. They learn some essential life skills while having a great time

Bridget Fair Jul 2019

We attended Yoshiko’s family sushi making class and couldn’t have been happier with the experience. Yoshiko is a bubbly and enthusiastic teacher and makes sure every child gets involved. She had two lovely assistants to make sure the whole day ran smoothly. The ingredients were simple and delicious and the instructions were clear and easy to follow. We came home well and truly ready to make our own sushi. We would highly recommend this class to other families or as a special experience for a parent and child.

Super Kids Sushi Making Class review by Bridget Fair - Sydney

Penny Neale Jul 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

It was well organised and in a good venue. My grandson and I enjoyed it.

Fatima Ho Jul 2019

Teacher Yoshiko is good. Teaching very clear and smooth. The only thing to improve is: each kid should have his own ingredients to use.

Justine Waters Jul 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended

Yoshiko and her assistant were brilliant - learnt so much and loved the course. Highly recommended

Eileen Ngo Jul 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Yoshiko was an excellent teacher which a great sense of humour which made the class even more enjoyable! It was really good value for money because we made a lot more dishes that I thought we would! Highly recommend!

Candice Bruce Jun 2019

This was a great course - Yuchiko is really terrific - full of knowledge and a good communicator it was fun and I think a turning point for me as far as food and health go

Miriam Stein Jun 2019

Yoshiko's class was superb - exceeding my expectations! I feel inspired to cook regular healthy meals as well having learned some great easy remedies to cure everyday viruses. It was a real bonus to be able to buy many of the yummy organic ingredients after the class. Both Yoshiko and her lovely assistant were so generous, gracious and fun!

Ray Jones Apr 2019

Fantastic cooking experience. A fun learning experience from start to finish. Healthy food that tastes amazing.
Yoshika is an informative, engaging teacher and Mia was wonderful keeping the class flowing. Would not hesitate to take another class with them!

Tony Jordan Apr 2019

Yoshiko is a very vibrant, knowledgeable and giving lady. Her style of teaching and encouraging participants is unique. Her recipes are easy to follow and she offers for sale key ingredients such would normally be hard to find.

Her assistant Maya is the absolute foundation for each class

The venue is acceptable but classes should be capped to many in a class means is harder to work safely.

Ruth Masih Apr 2019

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was very informative and detailed. Quality inputs on healthy ingredients. Ample handson and tasty healthy eating once cooked. Good venue. Parking took a while for first time. Suggesting Wilson parking near by Westfield. Mine required a full day as I took a basic full day basic intensive Japanese cooking. A must attend for a healthy eating. An excellent team.

Japanese Basics Cooking Class: Intensive review by Ruth Masih - Sydney

Katie Thomson Apr 2019

Very enjoyable class! Learnt so much about Japanese cooking and flavours. Would highly recommend, perfect for beginners.

Krista Hawke Apr 2019

Yoshiko was a great and inspiring teacher. I took my ten year old son and she was inclusive with him and couple of other young participants. Everyone got involved and she helped us to understand a little more about the art of Sushi. We are both inspired to get rolling!

Peta Denning Mar 2019

The Superfood Gyoza Cooking workshop was fun and informative.

I couldn't believe that you could cook so many different dishes in such a short time.

When I looked at the ingredients I wasn't sure that they would have much taste but they all tasted great and were very filling.

Yoshiko is a great teacher and she had us all engaged in the class at all times.

I would recommend the class to anyone that wants to learn more about healthy Japanese cooking or would just like a great time.

Michelle Marquet Feb 2019

Very enjoyable. Beautiful healthy food to make and enjoy. Yoshiko was an engaging teacher and is very knowledgeable.

Eunice Jeong Feb 2019

Yoshiko was very knowledgeable and engaging! My husband and I really enjoyed the course. There’s no free parking if you’re on a morning class so park at Westfield- it’s cheaper than street parking.

Julia Huxley Feb 2019

Unique and fun outing for our large family. Everyone was kept busy and entertained. Yoshiko is an excellent teacher. Very happy with the feast we made.

Cooking class review by Julia Huxley - Sydney

Karen Hurley Feb 2019

2 ClassBento workshops attended

The class is great- group a good size and the atmosphere is fun but focused; the menu is manageable and the teacher is extremely genki. Thanks!

Christine Wong Jan 2019

Yoshiko is lovely & engaging. Its amazing how she and her helpers keep track of so many different recipes being made at once - all with japanese superfoods. A fun and ideas-filled class. Thank you!

Jocelyn Blair Jan 2019

4 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

What an eye opener! KONNYAKU? MATCHA? I love these & never tried or realised how amazing & good they are for my health.

Thank you Yoshiko for a great afternoon of delicious healthy food.

I never thought vegan food tasted so nice. You have converted me!

Intensive Japanese Cooking Class for Weight Loss review by Jocelyn Blair - Sydney

Peter Gardiner Jan 2019

Very enthusiastic teacher, plenty of varieties of food, and all healthy. Very user friendly group

Benjamin Congiusta Oct 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Teacher was great. Very knowledgeable and detailed. Good venue, great material, and a very good experience overall.

James Russell-Wills Jul 2018

My Sushi loving daughter and I enjoyed a most enjoyable day learning how to make authentic sushi with Yoshiko. The venue was clean and modern and the ingredients provided were fresh and healthy. Yoshiko was delightful, constantly involving the kids in all aspects of the sushi making process then in a nice touch, turning the tables and getting the kids to teach the adults what they had learnt. The end result some yummy sushi, and some great skills to take home and share with my daughter for years to come. Highly recommend.

Super Kids Sushi Making Class review by James Russell-Wills - Sydney

Francesco Feliziani Jul 2018

The teacher is lovely :)
I can’t wait to cook again everything I’ve learned!

Gail Simon Jun 2018

Yoshiko was an excellent teacher.
The venue was good, clean and intimate for class.
Materials used were good clean and professional.
The class was worth the money.
I learnt a lot about digestive health which is the reason I attended.
Yoshiko class was very informative and I intend to do Class 2.

Stephanie Tang Jun 2018

Learned lot of useful skills, just hope every student would have individual stove so that we can get our hands on from the beginning to the end, rather than each person only takes one part in the whole process.

Yolanda Mar 2018

21 ClassBento workshops attended • 20 reviews

Been looking forward to my second class and wasn't disappointed! Yoshiko delighted us with an array of dishes from salad dressing to ramen, dairy free blancmange and matcha green tea. A very interactive and informative session would highly recommend thank you Yoshiko and Maja.

Superfood Ramen Cooking Class review by Yolanda  - Sydney

Yolanda Mar 2018

21 ClassBento workshops attended • 20 reviews

A most fascinating inside to Japanese cooking, educational and entertaining. Will definitely be back for another class !

Cooking class review by Yolanda  - Sydney