Yoshiko Takeuchi

Yoshiko Takeuchi
Cooking with Yoshiko

Cooking with Yoshiko

Passionate chef, and author of 2 Japanese health-food cookbooks

Yoshiko Takeuchi, cooking teacher

I am a passionate and experienced chef, and have turned this passion into creating vegan and vegetarian recipes with a Japanese twist, which will help you stay young, beautiful and healthy. Take control of your relationship with food and learn to love healthy recipes! I want all my students to be glowing with confidence, energy, and healthy beauty. Just give it a try!

I've worked with chefs like Tetsuya Wakuda (Tetsuya's restaurant) and was a professional chef for over 10 years, and have been teaching cooking for almost 20 years. My mission is to promote a healthy and enriching lifestyle for all my students. I would love to share my passion and knowledge with you.






For Natural Weight Loss with Japanese Superfoods Class

By (attended on 13 Oct 2018)

Teacher was great. Very knowledgeable and detailed. Good venue, great material, and a very good experience overall.


For Superkids Sushi Class

By (attended on 14 Jul 2018)

My Sushi loving daughter and I enjoyed a most enjoyable day learning how to make authentic sushi with Yoshiko. The venue was clean and modern and the ingredients provided were fresh and healthy. Yoshiko was delightful, constantly involving the kids in all aspects of the sushi making process then in a nice touch, turning the tables and getting the kids to teach the adults what they had learnt. The end result some yummy sushi, and some great skills to take home and share with my daughter for years to come. Highly recommend.

Superkids Sushi Class review by James Russell-Wills


For Japanese Cooking Class (Intermediate)

By (attended on 15 Jul 2018)

The teacher is lovely :) I can’t wait to cook again everything I’ve learned!


For Japanese Cooking Class (Beginner)

By (attended on 24 Jun 2018)

Yoshiko was an excellent teacher. The venue was good, clean and intimate for class. Materials used were good clean and professional. The class was worth the money. I learnt a lot about digestive health which is the reason I attended. Yoshiko class was very informative and I intend to do Class 2.


For Superfood Ramen Cooking Class

By (attended on 9 Jun 2018)

Learned lot of useful skills, just hope every student would have individual stove so that we can get our hands on from the beginning to the end, rather than each person only takes one part in the whole process.


For Superfood Ramen Cooking Class

By (attended on 24 Mar 2018)

Been looking forward to my second class and wasn't disappointed! Yoshiko delighted us with an array of dishes from salad dressing to ramen, dairy free blancmange and matcha green tea. A very interactive and informative session would highly recommend thank you Yoshiko and Maja.


For Natural Weight Loss with Japanese Superfoods 2

By (attended on 11 Mar 2018)

A most fascinating inside to Japanese cooking, educational and entertaining. Will definitely be back for another class !

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