Top 5 Cooking Class Options in Sydney

Top 5 Cooking Class Options in Sydney

Top 5 Cooking Class Options in Sydney

There are plenty of fun things to do in this wonderful city, but cooking classes have become especially popular recently with both locals and tourists in Sydney. And, it’s not really a surprise, is it? Cooking classes are great for any number of occasions, from hen parties to birthdays to family outings. They also make excellent gift ideas for that person in your life who is difficult to shop for.

And, we’re lucky enough to have a ton of great options to choose from. Here are our top 5 recommended cooking classes offered in Sydney to spark your creativity and please your taste buds! 

1.      Tea and Cheese Pairing with Liliana the Tea Atelier

This delightful class is taught in Balmain by Liliana Algorry, the founder of the Tea Atelier. The workshop showcases a variety of tea styles, such as Green, Oolong, Black and Pu-erh, as well as cheeses from all over the world, including Spain, France, Holland, and Italy. After you learn how to brew the tea, you’ll be guided through delicious tastings to learn how each flavor profile can be combined to find the perfect balance between rich aromas and flavors. The class is 2 hours long and can accommodate up to 15 people, although Liliana is also willing to travel for group classes for your own private event.

tea workshop

2.      Ultimate Chocolate Making Class with Joseph Atallah

Kimberley Chocolates is a well-loved institution here in Sydney, and now you’re able to learn from the experts. In this class, you’ll spend over four hours with Joseph Atallah, the owner of Kimberley Chocolates, learning how to experiment with chocolate. The course covers the basics of ganache, melting and tempering chocolate, and decorations. You’ll also become familiar with different moulds and dipping techniques. It gets messy, so make sure you bring an apron and closed shoes!

3.      Superfood Ramen Cooking Class with Yoshiko Takeuchi

If you love Ramen, and don't want to continue buying it from your local supermarket and instead want to learn how to make it yourself, this is the class for you! Yoshiko Takeuchi has 20 years of teaching experience and has written two books on the subject, and in two and a half hours, she’s going to teach you everything you need to know to make the perfect ramen. No MSG, only natural, delicious ingredients. And, this class is both plant-based and egg free so that you can make a healthy, tasty, vegan meal. Join her in Bondi Junction for this lovely workshop!

Discover the top cultural cooking classes in Sydney here. 

4.      Makmak Macaroon Making Class with Carlos, the ‘Mak Daddy’

makmaks workshop

Macarons are one of those things that seem impossible to make on your own. How can you get that perfect crunchy on the outside/soft on the inside texture? And how can you possibly achieve that pastel color? Well, take a class with the Mak Daddy himself at the patisserie that won best macaroon in Sydney to learn this and more! This course is two hours long, and you’ll walk away with a complimentary goodie bag with recipes and your very own equipment to be able to make macaroons at home. Plus, all the macaroons you’ll make during the course are gluten free. The workshop is open to kids 6 years and older, so it would make a fun family outing!


5.      Manual Coffee Brewing Workshop - Marrickville - most popular

The fifth and final class on our list also happens to be one of our highly rated cooking workshops on ClassBento. Located in Marrickville at Roastville Coffee, this 2 hour course will teach you how to brew the perfect cup at home. You’ll learn about everything from picking the best beans to finding the perfect grind size to choosing quality water. And, of course, you’ll actually brew the coffee, with a variety of different devices -  v60, Chemex, Aeropress, Syphon, and Cold Brew Homebrewing. The workshop is taught by Andy Liu, who has been excelling in the field for over 10 years and won 1st place NSW barista champion in 2015. You’ll be reminded of this wonderful class every morning when you brew your own coffee.

So whether you’re looking for something fun to do with the kids, a unique gift for your pickiest friends, or an engaging activity for a hen party, there are plenty of options to get your loved ones cooking! You’re in for a fun-filled afternoon, and your newly acquired cooking skills will stay with you long after the class is over.

And remember, these are just our top five cooking classes in Sydney. There are plenty more options on the ClassBento website to choose from, so check out some of the other courses!

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