Travel the World with Perth Cooking Courses

Travel the World with Perth Cooking Courses

By Kellie Maloney

Embark on a culinary adventure without breaking the bank at these cooking classes in Perth! If your travel plans are still too far away, experience the vibrant cultures of the world through your stomach. With Perth cooking courses, you can immerse yourself in a delightful array of flavours and cuisines, all within the cozy confines of your local community. Now, you can satisfy your wanderlust and discover new tastes right at home.

Learn how to make ramen at a Japanese cooking class or bake delicious treats like the ones you’d find in a cosy, French patisserie. No matter which traditional cuisine is your absolute favourite, there are plenty of cooking classes in Perth to cater to your tastebuds.

Looking for unique experience gift ideas? Treat your colleagues to a trip around the world minus the layovers and hotel check-ins with hands-on team building activities. Not only will you get to bond with your workmates, but you’ll also be celebrating cultural diversity and values in your workplace.

These hands-on Perth courses also make the perfect unique experience gifts for your foodie or travel junkie friend. Give them the gift of a cultural, culinary adventure they’ll never forget. Led by experienced local makers, they’ll learn how to cook with lots of guidance and support and of course, taste test all of their delicious creations at the end of the class!

Step inside a French Patisserie

two women smiling and piping macarons at a Perth cooking class

Emulate the beautiful aromas and warmth of a cosy French patisserie with Francois Morabito in Balcatta. Chef Francois has over thirty years of experience and has studied at one of the most prestigious culinary schools in the world, but his casual Perth cooking classes are ideal for absolute beginners. Great for all the sweet tooths out there, you don’t need to be a pro to learn how to make light and colourful macarons or master pastry classics like brioche and profiteroles

As an indoor activity, you’ll find that there’s nothing quite as satisfying as pulling your beautiful, French desserts out of the oven and adding your sugary final touches. Ideal for romantic date ideas or intimate birthday parties with a few close friends, you’ll forget that you’re in Perth and not Paris with these amazing dessert making classes!

More of a savoury person? Discover how to cook a French feast including French onion soup and Ratatouille with The Cooking Professor in Mount Hawthorn.

Open up your Japanese bento box

Student learning to make sushi at Perth sushi making class

Get your chopsticks ready and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Japanese cuisine. Learn how to make ramen with The Cooking Professor or roll your own sushi with Shikisai Japanese. There are so many Japanese cooking classes in Perth that choosing just one will be like picking your favourite section in your bento box—almost impossible! 

Japanese food is all about freshness and simplicity, which is why these Perth workshops are perfect for team building activities that will help make everyone feel included. Even absolute beginner chefs will feel confident in what they make, and at the end of the class, everyone can socialise with one another over amazing food and a drink or two!

Learn how to cook South East Asian street food

Two women enjoying a Perth cooking class together

The bustling, vibrant streets of South East Asia might seem far away right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy cooking and eating the punchy, fresh flavours found in South East Asian street food. Try out a Vietnamese, Filipino or Thai cooking class in Mount Hawthorn and learn how to get the most taste out of fresh, seasonal ingredients. 

After a private gift experience for you and your partner or a close friend or family member? Learn how to make a South-East Asian feast with Latasha’s Kitchen in North Perth. As it’s just your friendly teacher and the two of you in the class, you’ll get plenty of attention and support and a hands-on cooking experience you’ll remember for a lifetime.

You’ll be part of the family at Spanish or Italian cooking classes in Perth

Mother and daughter making handmade pasta at Italian cooking class

Mediterranean food is all about family and coming together, and these cooking classes in Perth are no different! Whether you want to learn how to make gnocchi and pasta dough from scratch at an Italian cooking school or want to master a gorgeous, Spanish seafood paella, you’ll quickly come to see why Mediterranean food is all about connecting and sharing with others. 

Bring your own family along for a fun and unique experience and enjoy your meal over a glass of BYO red wine or sangria. If you’re after more unique things to do in Perth then try out pizza making with Nunzio’s Academy. With his famous, travelling wood-fire oven, a pizza class with Chef Nunzio is sure to be both entertaining and informative! 

Enjoy flavours of the Middle East or India

Two women helping themselves to homemade Indian food at cooking class

Discover how to cook fresh, healthy and exotic meals at a Middle Eastern or Indian cooking class. These two cuisines are all about celebrating flavoursome food you can scoop up and devour, whether it’s a silky hummus with pita or a gorgeous, spicy curry with naan. 

Learn how to cook a Middle Eastern feast with Persian Taste in South Lake where you’ll also get to explore the rich history of this incredible cuisine. Kebob and tahdig rice, anyone?

Create the comforting aromas of a European bakery

Of course, no journey around the world would be complete without a trip to a warm and cosy European bakery. Only this time, you get to both eat and bake your very own bread! 

At a Perth bread making class, you’ll discover all the tips and tricks to making your starters and mixing, proving and baking your bread. You may even like to bring the bakery to you with Derek Hughes’ mobile baking class. In this private and casual class, Derek will show you how to make his special wholemeal homebrew stout bread, which you definitely won’t find at the supermarket! 

Final destination: Perth cooking courses

So, there you have it, a cooking class travel guide that explores some of the amazing, cultural food experiences in and around Perth. If you’re looking for fun things to do in Perth this weekend, come along and enjoy learning how to cook with passionate, local chefs and add excitement and diversity to your mealtimes!

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