Leanne Berelowitz, pottery teacher

Leanne Berelowitz

Ceramic artist

5.0 (32)

I studied at UNSW Art & Design and Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, and have been teaching ceramics for over 10 years.

I'm passionate about pottery because it's great for creativity and wellbeing. Wheelthrowing is meditative and fun, and creates a sense of peace, and a connection with nature and the earth. Like martial arts, where you harness your opponent's force and energy, you balance, manage, and build on the spinning force from the pottery wheel, using your own, to make something beautiful.
With handbuilding, you knead, squeeze, pinch, roll and play with a material that listens and yields to your hands.





Michele Mangioni  •  Jan 2021

Pottery class

we had a great time learning the basics in our pottery class. Leanne is a fabulous teacher and very patient and demonstrates the procedures extremely well. We loved this short course and would highly recommend this course to anyone that would like to try pottery. We will be coming back for further lessons .

Daniel Choi  •  Oct 2020

Pottery class

Teacher Leanne was very good. Explained everything in detail, step by step and we could achieve more than what we hoped for. The private place was very good, nicely ventilated. Definitely great value for money for all skill levels as we were first timers doing wheel pottery.

Natalie Guintu  •  Oct 2020

Pottery class

Spending my birthday to learn the basics of pottery was very worth it! Leanne is a very patient and lovely teacher who will teach all the things you need to learn about pottery. You would definitely enjoy your time with her!

Introduction to Pottery Class review by Natalie Guintu

Vashti Gonda  •  Sep 2020

Pottery class

Leanne is an excellent teacher, her studio is well set up and she offers very useful tips to help you relax with the clay and the entire potting experience. I highly recommend this class.

Alyssa Clark  •  Jan 2020

Pottery class

My friend and I had the best time at Leanne’s pottery class! She was so great at explaining the different techniques to us and allowed us time to practice before making our final product. I can’t wait to see how our bowls turned out. I definitely would recommend Leanne’s class to anyone :)

Michael Chiem  •  Oct 2019

Pottery class

Such a great class! So much knowledge shared with us, lots to learn and try for ourselves!

Carina Bronte  •  Sep 2019

Pottery class

Cute little studio, had all the tools we needed and a very relaxed environment to learn. Leanne was very friendly and a wonderful teacher. Overall had a great first wheel spinning experience and would definitely come back again!

Linda Dean  •  Aug 2019

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Pottery class

Fantastic class by an amazing teacher. I can't believe how much I learned and that I actually produced a pot on the wheel in 2 hours. Loved every minute of it. Leanne is extremely talented and is so very good at explaining techniques. If you want to try pottery this is the workshop to do.

Josiah Atkins  •  Jul 2019

Pottery class

The experience was absolutely fantastic! My partner took me for my birthday and it was the best present. She is a fantastic teacher and we absolutely fell in love with pottery. Really recommend this experience for anyone of any age! Super fun

Monica Ireland  •  May 2019

Pottery class

Leanne was a great teacher - she was very good at explaining things, and provided a great mixture of demonstrating, but also letting us learn by trying things for ourselves. She also gave us options, so we could tailor the class to exactly what we wanted. She provided all of the equipment and even sent our final products out to us - it was good value for money. Highly recommend!

Elise Slavin  •  Apr 2019

Pottery class

We had such an exceptional experience with Leanne! Her teaching style and instruction was so good and being able to have such a personalised class with her guidance was just amazing - and with a guaranteed product to take away at the end of it too! Can’t wait for our bowls to arrive so we can put them to use! Thank you Leanne!

Andrew Colunga  •  Mar 2019

Pottery class

Leanne was a fantastic teacher who taught us pottery newbies the basics of the pottery wheel. Her instructions were very easy to follow and allowed us to be creative with our design. We had a great day and are excited to see our finished pots after they are fired! Thank you Leanne :)

Pottery workshop review by Andrew Colunga

Nova Chen  •  Jan 2019

Pottery class

Great intro class for beginners, highly recommending it! Leanne is very experienced and a professional teacher.

Stephanie Cardy  •  Dec 2018

Pottery class

I really enjoyed the pottery class. It was great to have a one on one lesson and I learnt a lot.

Kelly Donnelly  •  Dec 2018

Pottery class

Fantastic class, highly recommended. Leanne worked at a good pace and was super friendly. Very enjoyable!

Cheryl Collins  •  Dec 2018

Pottery class

Our pottery class with Leanne was exceptional. She was extremely patient and knowledgeable. Her workspace was very well organised and all tools and equipment were supplied. Would definitely recommend this class.

Cameron Johnston  •  Nov 2018

Pottery class

My partner and i had a wonderfully relaxed Sunday morning learning pottery with Leanne. Leanne made us feel right at home as soon as we arrived and wasted no time in putting us to work!
We really enjoyed the whole experience and recommend Leannes class to all ages.

Introduction to Pottery Class review by Cameron Johnston Sydney

Shayneh Ray  •  Nov 2018

Pottery class

I needed to get a better understanding of materials and techniques best suited to my project and Leanne was a wealth of information and advice accumulated over years of experience and experimentation which she shared freely. I am so happy that it was better than I expected!

Krista Sturday  •  Oct 2018

Pottery class

Very friendly and went through the teaching steps in an easy to understand way. Lots of fun

Romaine  •  Oct 2018

Pottery class

Leanne is a terrific teacher and I'm really looking forward to doing another class with her.

Farid Ng  •  Oct 2018

Pottery class

The class is great! Leanne is friendly. We make a set of Japanese green tea cup and a rice ball! Now we need to buy a chopsticks to make it one set

Pottery workshop review by Farid Ng Sydney

Luke Chan  •  Oct 2018

Pottery class

Leanne is awesome! She is a fantastic teacher - very experienced, attentive and patient. We had a lot of fun and learnt a lot during the 2 hour session. In addition to learning how to make a bowl/cup on the wheel, we learnt a bit about the holistic process. Her studio was cosy and well-equipped. Would recommend checking out Leanne's class!

Introduction to Pottery Class review by Luke Chan Sydney

Yinbing  •  Sep 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Pottery class

Leanne was very patient and encouraging. She provided tips and minute details as to how to improve our skills during the introduction. The venue was easy to find as clear instructions were provided upon booking the class. We had a lot of fun. Thank you, Leanne :)

Vanessa  •  Sep 2018

Pottery class

I had such a great time.
Leanne was great and teaching and letting us have a go even if we did it wrong.
Thank you

Maggie  •  Sep 2018

Pottery class

Excellent teacher very patient and clear instructions and also very sensitive to needs of the attendees.

Valerie Williams  •  Aug 2018

Pottery class

Pottery wheel lessons with Leanne was such a treat! Kind, knowledgeable patient, creative and inspiring! Wonderful set up with all the materials needed at your fingertips. My 14 year old daughter and friend loved it

Pottery workshop review by Valerie Williams Sydney

Desmond Lim  •  Aug 2018

Pottery class

It was our first attempt at pottery and we’ve learnt quite alot from Leanne within a short span of time. Leanne was very patient and the lesson was very well structured. Highly recommended!

Daniel Lewis  •  Jul 2018

Pottery class

Loved it! Leanne was brilliant!

As we are from Perth unfortunately we wont be coming again but that's the only reason.

Mitchell Thomas  •  Jun 2018

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Pottery class

We had so much fun Learnt some great introductory skills! Hoping to attend more in the future!

Sandra  •  May 2018

Pottery class

Better than what I expected! Leanne is an excellent teacher, and has a great personality too ! Everything was just perfect , the studio , all the materials provided, atmosphere, content, I just couldn’t fault it! We had so much fun, it was our first time and def not the last! Thank you so much

Pottery workshop review by Sandra

Deryne Sim  •  May 2018

Pottery class

We had an awesome class with Leanne! She is a very patient and encouraging instructor who is generous with her time and materials. Would recommend a lesson with her to anyone in Sydney!

Anna Jordan  •  May 2018

Pottery class

My friend and I had such a wonderfully inspired night in Leanne’s private workshop. Her teaching was patient, fun and informative. We had never done pottery before and left with some amazing creations and skills. We highly recommend this experience

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