Retirement ideas

Whether you're a coordinator at a retirement village or resort, or just someone who's now got a bit more time - we've got lots of fun creative activities to try.

Many of our classes are great for all age groups, and many of our teachers can even travel to you.

Try drawing, flower arranging, candle making, origami, and much more. With 100+ options, you'll never run out of things to do.

Our classes are a great social activity, to mingle with other like-minded friends. They're also a great way to keep fit, both mentally and physically - they force you to concentrate, be in the moment, and you might even discover a new hobby that will be your companion for years to come. Studies have shown that recreational classes like ours are an effective way to stay mentally well, and to fight off dementia.

Contact us or one of our friendly teachers, and we'll arrange a wonderful experience for you and your group.


Popular Retirement ideas

Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Workshop
Origami Workshop for Adults
Private Origami Workshop with Your Friends
Custom Creative Classes

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