Latte Art Workshop

Latte Art Workshop

Make beautiful latte art with a barista world champion

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Learn to make beautiful latte art, with a barista world champion.

In this fun and informal workshop, you'll develop the core skills and then experiment with art designs, under the guidance of barista champion Andy Liu. Andy has trained many other barista champions and has worked with students of all skill levels.

Roast, grind and brew quality espresso with fellow coffee lovers. Learn how to make and judge a good latte art, use a wide variety of milk pitchers, and perfect a combination of etching and pouring technique. This class is great for both beginners and those who want to further develop their techniques.

Here's the full agenda:

1. How to judge a good latte art
2. Intro of free pour
3. How to choose your milk pitchers
4. Make good espresso
5. Free pour techniques
6. Three basic patterns Rosetta/Heart/Tulip
7. Advanced latte art
8. How to design your signature art
9. Combination of Etching and free pour

You'll also be treated to a light meal too, plus you'll get a certificate of achievement at the end.

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Aside from this class, this teacher also has the following coming up:

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No knowledge required.

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All equipment provided.


157 Victoria Road, Marrickville NSW


Roastville Coffee
Roastville Coffee

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Our teacher at Roastville, Andy Liu, was a recent NSW Barista Champion, placing first in a highly competitive process. He also won the World tea brewing championship in 2017.

Andy has taught students at all levels in the art of coffee and tea making, from absolute beginners, to other Barista Champions.

We can't wait to welcome you at one of our future classes.

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Verified reviews for this class


By (attended on 8 Jan 2019)

This workshop focused very heavily on the technique for pouring latte art, including details on the scientific aspect of how and why heated milk can be used to create designs. While this was useful information, it took quite a long time to explain and the instructor tended to repeat the same points multiple times. The workshop is advertised as needing no prior experience, however the first thing the instructor mentioned was that it would have been beneficial if people had attended the "Espresso Workshop" before attending this one.

We practised the techniques with water, which was a good idea as it allowed us to continue practising and adjusting our hand and arm movements (and the floor ended up getting quite wet!). However, after the introduction, explanations and water practise, no one actually got to touch milk until 7.30pm.

The workshop teaches three key designs, considered the building blocks of all latte art. We learnt the first of these designs before having a break (where we were fed some very tasty food!) but there was so little time left after the break that we had to rush through the other two designs. There were 10 students in the workshop, and all up over the 3.5 hours each student only got to attempt pouring with real milk and coffee once.

The instructor was very knowledgeable and skilled and had a warm and friendly approach. He made everyone feel welcomed and safe to just give it a go. The venue was good, although with everyone crowded around one machine I don't think it would be so comfortable with any more than 10 people. Overall the course achieved what I was looking for - to gain some knowledge of latte art so that I can go away and practise on my own. I do think it could benefit from a bit more structure though, to give students more chances to try out what they're learning.


By (attended on 8 Jan 2019)

This was a Christmas gift to me from two of my sons who also joined me. We are not barristers or involved in a café but just coffee lovers. Our teacher was Andy Liu. He was great. His knowledge and tips were well received and enjoyed by all. The venue was very good and the 3 hours we had was well spent. Driving home we were talking about what workshop will we do next with Andy.


By (attended on 20 Nov 2018)

Vincent was great! He has certainly done a lot of analyzing of coffee and latte art and it shows in his work and his teaching. I enjoyed learning from him as he has a true passion for it and they are the best people to learn from. The main thing I learnt was what my bad habits are and how to correct them, which is what I wanted to get out of it.

Latte Art Workshop review by Catherine Arkoudis


By (attended on 16 Oct 2018)

The teacher was amazing and very knowledgeable on all aspects of latte art and showed the class the 3 basic shapes: Heart, Tulip and Rosetta. The lessons were broken down in a very technical way which I found useful for practice and further development. We were trained on cup grip, milk jug grip and alignment, pouring technique like the angle of the cup, speed of pour, placement of pour etc. and milk steaming techniques.

All materials were provided and were of high quality with a range of milk jug sizes and shapes combined with a high tech commercial coffee machine.

The venue was inside the Roastville Coffee shop itself and it had a very earthy, chilled feel and was very clean with food provided half way through the course.

Value for money is subjective and I would say depends on how passionate you are about latte art. In this class, you're not just given a milk jug for 3 hours and aimlessly playing around but you are step by step trained in all aspects of pouring art and given expert tips from a barista champion and for me is priceless value.

Barista workshop review by Matthew Catalano Sydney


By (attended on 17 Jul 2018)

I gained a lot of knowledge and practice mr Andy liu was the best trainer i will give him 5 stars and looking forward for more classes with Andy


By (attended on 17 Jul 2018)

Andy was an awesome teacher - really funny and knowledgeable. He is amazing at what he does and we were in awe. The space is great and the coffee is delicious. We were provided with pizza as our light meal which was very tasty! There was a lot of hands on practice (with water) but it was great to have someone of his calibre show us the techniques. There are a few things that prevented me from giving five stars though. On Classbento it says that class sizes range from 1 - 6 students however we had 15 crowded around 1 machine which was okay when using the water for practicing but our class went 30 minutes overtime due to waiting for everyone to have a turn which actual milk. Also on Classbento it says you receive a gift bag which we did not get. I asked the owner on our way out and he said that it was a mistake. Overall a fun night with a lot of laughs and great company!

Barista workshop review by Kailey O'Loughlan

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By (attended on 17 Jul 2018)

Andy was very informative and precise in helping us improve our milk frothing and pouring techniques. The classes could have been smaller as we were pressed for time and having more machines handy would have been good.

Latte Art Workshop review by Rocky Huang


By (attended on 17 Apr 2018)

Teacher were helpful and professional. Workshop were lacking of some advanced latte arts technique which i would love to learn.


By (attended on 17 Apr 2018)

Skilled barista demonstrating and teaching competition grade habits, great value for price.

Latte Art Workshop review by Cameron


By (attended on 17 Apr 2018)

Venue and facilities were great and very modern. However I felt there was a lot of theory and not enough time allocated to put these skills into physical practice.

Barista workshop review by Zahraa

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