DIY Homemade Gnocchi

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Learn how to make our famous gnocchi at home

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Our sell-out gnocchi masterclass is now online!

Stuck in lockdown? Don't worry, you can still have fun and learn something new with our gnocchi masterclass live-streamed to your kitchen.

From from our kitchen to yours, our chef will take you through a step by step demonstration of how to make the gnocchi we serve in our restaurant.

In the live streaming cooking class, you will make gnocchi al pomodoro for your lunch!
Would you like to enjoy Prosecco while you cook? Add a bottle to your box

Class length is approximately 45 minutes but these classes are live so please allow for up to one hour.

Please note classes are vegan friendly!

Thank you to our sponsors Genobile Saba, 5 Stagioni and Biviano Direct for helping make this Masterclass possible.

Add-ons available for this class
  • I'd like a bottle of Prosecco - 200ml ($10)
  • Make my box gluten free ($5)
You can add these when you book (optional).
Knowledge required
No experience required.
What you'll get in your craft kit
  • Flour
  • Potatoes
  • Dal Nonno Woodfired Tomato & Basil Sauce
  • Olitalia Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Option for Gluten Free and to add Prosecco!
What you'll need
  • Make sure you have a large bowl and clean working surface to make your gnocchi.
  • Fork, knife and 15g of salt.
  • Before the class starts you will need to prep your potatoes by boiling and peeling them. Instructions will be sent to you.
  • Please measure out your ingredients according to the recipe prior to the class.
  • Join us on zoom 5 minutes early.
Suitable for

Suitable for adults, and kids (minimum 6 years old). An adult must be present whilst kid(s) engage with the box.

Your teacher
48H Pizza e Gnocchi Bar
48H Pizza e Gnocchi Bar

4.8 (128)

48H Pizza & Gnocchi Bar opened their first restaurant in South Yarra in 2015 and quickly became a local favourite. Owners Fabio Biscaldi and Michele Circhirillo have been serving seasonal and artisanal small plates, handmade gnocchi and pizzas inspired by dishes that they grew up with.

For us, 48 hours is the minimum time required for the dough to rise. A dough that has been leavened for 48H with natural yeast will make your pizza light, fragrant and aromatic… just like in Italy. Natural yeast has been used for generations in Italy. In fact, back in the day, only one person in the village would have natural yeast and they would use it to barter goods with. Bread was made once a week, and in some villages, just once a month, so natural yeast had to be bartered or families would go without their bread…. a sacrilegious thought to any food-respecting Italian!

At 48H, we want to respect and maintain these traditions and introduce you to true Italian flavours, remastered for today’s refined palates.

Buon Appetito!

Verified reviews

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Rafael Menezes Oct 2021

Loved the general process and the class. Receiving the ingredients makes life a lot easier :)
Only area for improvement is the sound quality - sometimes it was a bit hard to understand what the chef was saying. Maybe his earphones are not the best for this type of event?
Anyway, great class and event organisation. Thanks for everything!

Jesse Givens-Lamb Oct 2021

I love the host and the food was delicious! Only minor point was that the audio quality could have been a bit better :)

Anjaly Malani Oct 2021

Loved how everything came exactly the way we needed to use it. Was super simple. Easy to follow steps and it was super delicious too. Thank you so much.

Luke Gillies Oct 2021

It was great but difficult to hear properly

Freya Saich Sep 2021

Great instruction, simple, slow enough, and easy to follow. Had a really great time. Thank you!

Melanie McArthur Sep 2021

Easy to follow & fun! A great experience for all ages. Thank you for the informative experience.

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Rebecca Macauley Sep 2021

A fun and informative class. It was lovely to be able to take a class that was suitable for both my daughter and I. We now have all the tips and tricks we need to make great gnocchi. Thanks to the 48H team.

Ash Feehely Sep 2021

It was good to make gnocchi but the host wasn’t very detailed - e.g he just said “add the flour but don’t add it all” and “roll into sausages” where more detail may have been more helpful (e.g. ‘add 3/4 flour and it should feel like XYZ’ or ‘roll into sausages about 2cm wide’ etc)

Darren Sep 2021

Excellent class! The chef was fantastic and answered all our questions thoroughly. Definitely will book another class. Thank you.

Archie Oswald Sep 2021

Thanks for this class. I bought ugly as a gift for my 13 year old nephew and he loved it
Great idea and great service
Thank you

Danielle Campbell Sep 2021

Fantastic! I really enjoyed this class from
Start to finish. It was easy to follow and understand.

DIY Homemade Gnocchi review by Danielle Campbell

Elena Rajani Sep 2021

easy and fun class with friends in the same online group to compare our gnocchi at the end of it! :)

Chiara Frigessi Sep 2021

Absolutely magnificent and the gnocchi are just delicious ❤️ Thank you Giovanni, great chief and host!

Cooking workshop review by Chiara Frigessi Sydney

Kieran Wong Sep 2021

Fantastic delivery service and clear instructions. Learnt a lot about making gnocchi. Definitely recommend to others!

Lauren Scordo Sep 2021

Hi there thank you so much, my 10 year old daughter loved it instructions were easy to follow and the chef was also great to listen too. My daughter really enjoyed the end product. We would definitely do this again. Thank you

Cooking workshop review by Lauren Scordo

Miranda Attwood-Mueller Sep 2021

Tastes delicious, very informative, great simple recipe, fun to do in lockdown. Thanks so much.

DIY Homemade Gnocchi review by Miranda Attwood-Mueller Sydney

Ellen Winnett Sep 2021

We licked our plates clean, it was so delicious! We will be making this all the time, couldn’t have asked for a more amazing and traditional gnocchi masterclass! It flew by!

Cooking workshop review by Ellen Winnett Sydney

Anthony Sep 2021

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Was such an awesome class to be a part of and was so delicious and pillowy soft gnocchi

DIY Homemade Gnocchi review by Anthony

Rachel Shanks Sep 2021

Fun to watch. Very organised and knowledgable. Thank you, I would recommend. Yum yum. Well done

Andrea Wilkins Sep 2021

Loved the class! Thanks so much! My 3 boys are currently eating the fruits of their labour! Gnocchi is their favourite meal… now they know how to make it themselves!

Cooking workshop review by Andrea Wilkins

Amy Hunt Sep 2021

Really enjoyed the class. Giovanni was great at taking us through the steps. The gnocchi tasted amazing Can’t thank you enough for our delicious lunch :)

Nuala Keating Sep 2021

Fun atmosphere even on line and great food! Good lockdown activity with my teenager! Thanks!

Helen Blazsanyik Sep 2021

Hey, thought I knew a bit about gnocchi, however my attempts were always inconsistent, I learnt so much from your class, many thanks

DIY Homemade Gnocchi review by Helen Blazsanyik

Melissa Laird Sep 2021

Absolutely loved it! Easy to understand and great tips throughout the online class. Thank you.

Nicki Davis Sep 2021

Was so much fun and easy to follow - It tasted amazing - Would definitely recommend for others

Allie Grey-Smith Sep 2021

Had a lot of fun making gnocchi. Really easy to follow steps! Now I can make fresh gnocchi all the time!

Naomi Hocking Sep 2021

Thank you so much I absolutely loved it. This was so much fun to do and being able to eat the most delicious Gnocchi afterwards was the best! Highly HIGHLY recommend

Jodi Mathieson Sep 2021

We had a fabulous time learning how to make Gnocchi! Its was super fun, informative and easy to follow. Great tips and tricks from the Chef along the way. And a delicious dinner at the end!

DIY Homemade Gnocchi review by Jodi Mathieson

Veronica Beatty Dec 2020

8 ClassBento workshops attended • 6 reviews

I really enjoyed making (and eating) today’s gnocchi class. It was so much easier than I thought, and our chef was very thorough with explaining techniques. So happy to answer all our questions and watching step by step was great. Will definitely be buying the right ingredients to do this again and get the ‘feel’ for the dough.

Definitely recommend

DIY Homemade Gnocchi review by Veronica Beatty Sydney

Mala Desai Oct 2020

I did the class with my son as a gift for his birthday - he loves all things Italian. The gnocchi recipe was simple and delicious. Enjoyed the class which was practical and the presenter gave great tips and was very approachable too! Best of all the gnocchi was delicious - have recommended the class to all my friends and family - some even who live overseas given they can log in via Zoom!

Cooking workshop review by Mala Desai Sydney

Sarah Quirk Oct 2020

The class was very good! Easy to book, ingredients hand delivered ahead of time and the instructor was excellent.

It would be good to receive more notes on the recipe (recommended ingredients etc) - I know this is discussed but I'm more likely to keep the email recipe than my handwritten notes.

In the end, our gnocchi was delicious! Restaurant quality :)

Would definitely be interested in another master-class.

Cooking workshop review by Sarah Quirk

Karen Coleiro Oct 2020

Fabulous class, first time making Gnocchi which was a great success, the teacher was very informative giving lots of tips and end result was well received by family, everything was supplied and class was done at a comfortable pace to ensure a great result

Cooking workshop review by Karen Coleiro

Julie Santarossa Oct 2020

I’ve made gnocchi many times before, but Michele is always happy to share his cooking secrets, tips and suggestions. A very well organised and enjoyable class with easy to follow instructions.

Nicol Vella Oct 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great class. Highly recommend. Great instructor. My gnocchi turned out delicious. So light and fluffy.

Cooking workshop review by Nicol Vella

Weslin Wee Oct 2020

The class was good. Instructions was clear for each step and it was easy to follow

Lana Cooper Oct 2020

Great course - how easily to do virtually in our own kitchens
Really enjoyed it
Easiest gnocchi ever
Txs heaps !

Lisa Meneghetti Oct 2020

Great class. Easy to follow instructions, I love the explanations for why some things had to be done. Ready to sign up for the tiramisu class next!

Cooking workshop review by Lisa Meneghetti

Derek Rippingale Sep 2020

Clear instruction with lots of handy tips and delivered with passion. It provided the basis for an excellent team building event with young family members joining in for an authentic experience. Plenty of positive comments and chat after. Thank you!

Imogen Mollross Sep 2020

Awesome class! The gnocchi I made was delicious and so easy to do. Great lockdown activity.

Francesco Garbellini Sep 2020

Amazing class, a lot of fun, absolutely a must do! Now I feel ready to make gnocchi like a chef!

Megan Carter Sep 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

A fantastic class with heaps of great tips! The gnocchi we made was AMAZING! Can't wait to make it again

Cooking workshop review by Megan Carter

Amelia Damke Sep 2020

It was a good class - we learnt a lot! Would recommend it to those who want to learn how to make gnocchi

DIY Homemade Gnocchi review by Amelia Damke

Gav Arndt Sep 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

This was my second 48H class and it was real insight into making professional gnocchi. I really wanted to know the secret to true super fluffy gnocchi and after following Michele's careful advice my first batch were perfecto. I paired the badboys with a burnt butter sage sauce and was in heaven!

Kirsten Tranter Sep 2020

Well run from the outset. I loved the instructions and box of ingredients being sent out before the class. The teacher/chef was so enthusiastic and full of practical suggestions for us novices. He answered questions and made us feel like we can do it! I also loved his personal approach; referring to his experiences and his Nonna! Thank you

Hannah Fordham Sep 2020

The class was so fun! The teacher explained everything perfectly and answered questions as we went along. I didn’t know how fun and easy gnocchi was to make!

Cooking workshop review by Hannah Fordham Sydney

Abbie Flack Sep 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Loved the class, gnocchi turned out delicious, it was a lot of fun and his tips he gave us really helped, would recommend.

Cooking workshop review by Abbie Flack

Louise Mollross Sep 2020

Class was great and my gnocchi turned out so well, really impressed. Would definitely do another class.

Declan Baird-Watson Sep 2020

Engaging class and lots of tips. We found it easy to follow. Would recommend to all

Kate Gamble Sep 2020

Host was really thorough and I loved all the authentic tips he gave us. Thanks!

Cooking workshop review by Kate Gamble Sydney

Jaclyn Campbell Sep 2020

What a fabulous class! Easy to follow, extremely informative and the gnocchi tasted delicious!
Thank you

Claire Ogrady Sep 2020

5 ClassBento workshops attended • 3 reviews

Really fun class, chef gave lots of helpful tips and we make delicious gnocchi :) Thanks!

Susannah Kirby Sep 2020

Excellent very passionate presenter and I learned heaps of tips. Can't wait to experiment.

Stephanie McCarthy Sep 2020

The gnocchi class was really fun and we got lots of helpful tips along the way!

Cooking workshop review by Stephanie McCarthy Sydney

Lain Gonzalez Sep 2020

Great class, it was fun, thoroguh and delicious!
We would recommend this class to anyone

Sylvia Cseh Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Took us through step-by-step. Very thoroughly explained. Enjoyed the class - thank you! Keen to do pizza class.

Elisa McGough Aug 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended • 2 reviews

Fabulous class have now booked the pizza class as well! Highly recommend we loved it

Laura Ford Aug 2020

Great class that was easy to follow and had heaps of great tips. I finally know how to make the perfect light and fluffy gnocchi!

Samara Silva Aug 2020

This was such a fun class. I loved how simple the recipe was to follow and how energetic the host was. My gnocchi turned out so delicious, I was very happy. I have already recommended the class to some friends who are looking at doing it together as a virtual activity.

Sue Tucker Aug 2020

Fantastic amazing results delicious
Well presented great getting our little box of goodies clear directions

Cooking workshop review by Sue Tucker Sydney

Daniella Gentile Aug 2020

Best gnocchi we've ever made at home! The class was easy to follow and explanations were fantastic. Great way to spend isolation.

DIY Homemade Gnocchi review by Daniella Gentile

Phillip Jansen Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

Great presenter! He really took the time to explain every step and was clearly passionate about his craft. We learned a lot and will take this recipe and the techniques with us for the rest of our lives!

DIY Homemade Gnocchi review by Phillip Jansen Sydney

Brea Kunstler Aug 2020

7 ClassBento workshops attended • 5 reviews

Love this class. I did it for the second time today and I'm tempted to do it a third time. The chef and moderator are friendly and answer all questions as needed. I love how I have a complete meal to feed my family afterwards. I'll never buy gnocchi from the store again now that I can make it myself!

Corinne Golshevsky Aug 2020

3 ClassBento workshops attended

BRILLIANT demonstration, amazing tips for incredible gnocchi. Loved the class! Thank you so much for the lesson.

Cooking workshop review by Corinne Golshevsky

Lisa Young Aug 2020

Thanks for an entertaining and yummy lesson. My sister invited me and I'm so glad l joined. My gnocchi in the past has been a bit hit and miss, but what l made following your directions were soft light fluffy pillows of yum! Thank you really enjoyed

Sherelle Fyfe Aug 2020

Fantastic class thank you! Delicious great to see it done step by step. Can’t wait to cook again!

DIY Homemade Gnocchi review by Sherelle Fyfe

Kim Stoddart Aug 2020

2 ClassBento workshops attended

I picked up some good tips and the family loved the gnocchi when I cooked it :)

Sarah Wheaton Aug 2020

Excellent class, thank you! We underestimated how long it would take to cook and cook the potatoes so we watched for a bit and then joined in quickly and caught up! Delicious gnocchi and instructions were clear. Thank you.

DIY Homemade Gnocchi review by Sarah Wheaton

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