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With so many indoor activities to choose from, ClassBento offers you the chance to spend your time at home discovering a new skill and engaging with your creativity. Stave off the boredom with ClassBento’s fully interactive indoor activities for kids and adults. Our new range of live classes online allows you to interact with the class instructor in real-time and offers the convenience of a ClassBento Box filled with all the materials you need to make along delivered right to your door. Our arts and crafts classes that would usually be confined to a workshop or studio can now be enjoyed right in your living room!
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Recent reviews for our online classes


Liisa Wallace

Meet and Draw a Llama at Home

Really enjoyed the session, meeting the animals was lovely and the lesson was very easy to follow, thank you

Louise East

Create a Comic Book for Kids (6-10 Years)

My son loved this class. He found the guidance helpful and enjoyed the freedom to create what he felt inspired to create. The class was supportive and encouraging. He has continued to add to his comic book after the class.

Kathryn Marangos

DIY Pressed Flower Frame Craft Box / Kit

Fabulous kit complete with everything you need. Makes something special. Lovely as a gift. Highly recommended

Kathryn Marangos

DIY Glass Painting Craft Box / Kit

Fantastic box with everything you need to make something special. Highly recommended to give this a try.

Sayeh Kashani

Mums and Bubs Tai Chi for Beginners

I really enjoyed the class, it was full of energy, calm and relaxing with beautiful stories behind the movements and overall healing and uplifting at the same time! The instructor, Theresa was guiding me through all the movement and was really flexible around movements when my baby was there and suggested different versions when I was holding my baby. I totally recommend this class and I feel like you would enjoy it like the way I did and even more.

Kali Russell

Learn How to Draw Anime Characters for Kids

My 11 year old lived it and managed to draw two pieces in the hour or so of class Mum on the other hand could get the facing camera to work so apologies about that

Sonia Slonim

Learn Cricut for Beginners - Private

I learnt so much and Joyce was knowledgeable and patient. I loved it. Highly recommended

Michelle Fielden

Tropical Terrarium Making at Home

Great class, absolutely fantastic. Now I just have to make sure I don't end up killing the plants in the terrarium

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